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It’s time to upgrade: 7 signs your home needs insulation

home needs insulation

High energy bills? Temperature changes between rooms? The occasional rodent comes struttin’ through your kitchen? These are all signs your home may need more insulation.

If you’re experiencing one or more of the below problems then perhaps it’s time to consider the best ceiling insulation Geelong has on offer!

1. High energy bills

This is especially so if you already have blow-in insulation installed in the attic, as this can become less effective over the years. If your energy bills have steadily increased over the past few years then it is more than likely your insulation has lost its effect over time and you may be in need of higher quality insulation.

The best way to find out is by going over your energy bills from period to period. If you find that they have been going up overtime then it is likely you need new insulation in your ceiling.

2. Large temperature changes between rooms

You will notice a strong variation in temperature if your home has lost its thermal efficiency. Unless a window is open, your home should remain pretty consistent in temperature across every room.

So, if your rooms vary greatly in temperature, it’s highly likely that your home needs new insulation.

3. Your home has frozen pipes

If you live in one of those super chilly parts of Australia that reach freezing temperatures and you notice your pipes are freezing then there is a good chance your home is under-insulated.

Frozen pipes don’t only send through shockingly cold water in the coldest time of the year – they can also burst at any moment and cause all kinds of trouble for the home.

4. You have mice & bugs

Nobody wants mice and bugs in their home. It’s gross and downright unhygienic, so if you’ve noticed them strolling around your home without a care in the world then there is a good chance you haven’t insulated the home properly.

Mice and bugs sneaky through gaps in the home that are poorly insulated like doors and walls. Even just insulating the doors can deter these unwanted vermin from entering the home as well as bring your home to a more desirable temperature – it’s a win-win situation!

5. You have cold drafts circulating in the home

Another tell-tale sign that your home is losing its thermal protection. If your home is allowing drafts to circulate without any doors or windows open then it is highly likely that the cool air is creeping in through the deteriorating blow-in insulation.

This is the right time to have something of a better quality installed at your home.

6. High temperature fluctuations

If you have noticed that your home’s temperature seems to automatically change with the weather outside then, again, it is highly likely that your home’s insulation is struggling or that you have none installed at all!

A home’s temperature can easily change with the external temperature if there is no adequate insulation installed.

7. Cold walls, ceiling & floors

Your home’s insulation provides a layer of temperature protection between the walls, floors, and ceilings. Therefore, if you notice that your floors, walls, and ceilings are cold to touch, then this is a very good sign that your home is lacking sufficient insulation.

If you touch your floors, ceilings or walls and find that they are really cold to touch then it is probably time to consider upping your insulation.

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