8 Advanced Features to Look for in a Laptop

8 Advanced Features to Look for in a Laptop1

In a market saturated with laptops and tablets, how do you distinguish the ones that actually offer superior features from the others when you’re looking for a high-quality machine? Look for advanced features, for starters. Many laptops today offer cutting-edge features that will make your work much more efficient and your gaming and browsing much more pleasurable. Here are eight advanced features to look for when you’re looking for a high-performing laptop.

Graphics Card

A Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) or a graphics card is what powers your high-performing gaming laptops such as the ones from to play video games with superior resolution and definition. But a graphics card doesn’t just help with more advanced gaming. It also helps you perform tasks such as video or image editing much more efficiently and smoothly. If you like gaming, designing, or visual art, it might be a good idea to look for a laptop with a GPU.

Camera Privacy Shutter

Zoom school meetings have shown us that accidental webcam no-nos can happen to anyone. In addition, a laptop camera can switch ‘on’ anytime you’re working if there is a hacker at play. To address these possible webcam privacy issues, a number of modern laptops offer a built-in webcam shutter that can be great for your peace of mind when you’re doing your school work on your laptop.

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8 Advanced Features to Look for in a Laptop 4

Integrated ‘Eyesafe’ Display

This patented technology ensures a reduction in the damaging blue light emitted by laptop screens. A laptop that offers this technology protects your vision while still maintaining vibrant color. Talk about nerdy-cool!

State-of-the-art Security

A number of modern laptops enable a match-on-chip fingerprint reader, which is then integrated into the power button. The biometric data then helps power up your system instantly. The biometrics ensure nobody other than you can get into your laptop.

2 in 1 Convertible Design

Many laptops today are designed to be responsive to your laptop / tablet needs. They enable you to fulfil your computing needs via a laptop and then let you tent or fold the device like a tablet for easy surfing and reading. They also allow for the touchscreen feature in a laptop.

8 Advanced Features to Look for in a Laptop 2

Wake on Voice and Standby

The Wake on Voice is a cool feature that lets you wake your laptop from across the room, as long as your laptop lid is open. Additionally, a number of laptops now have a superfast standby that lets you wake your computer in one second and be online the next.

Completely Quiet

A number of laptops are designed without a fan, which removes some of the background noise when you are working. Other laptops have various modes in which you can change the intensity of the fan function for complete quiet.

Ultra Durability

A number of laptops today are tested against multiple military-grade requirements. They also have to pass through a couple of hundred quality checks. Make sure you read about a laptop’s durability specification to make sure you have an ultra-sturdy machine.

The above features are not just advanced in a ‘nice-to-have but not important way. They actually do improve the functionality and usability of the laptop. Now that you know about some of the advanced features available in the current crop of laptops, choose the notebook that best fits your budget and meets all your needs.

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