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Achieving Better Quality of Life Through Occasional Duct Cleaning

As your heating and cooling system circulates air throughout your home, your air ducts play an essential role. In the course of time, air ducts can become clogged with dust and mold. People with allergies may be affected by dirty air ducts.

It is not always enough to vacuum or brush the furniture. You must breathe clean and healthy air whether you work or live at home. Sem’s Duct Cleaning walked me through the process and showed me how duct cleaning can improve air quality significantly, which was exactly what I wanted.

Duct Cleaning

Become Familiar With Vents

In some homes, more than one type of vent is incorporated into the ductwork. Each type can easily be determined with a tissue test. When you place a tissue on a return duct, you identify the vent that collects air from the house and brings it back to the HVAC system. You can probably tell it’s a supply vent if the tissue doesn’t stick to it. HVAC systems are supplied with air by supply vents. Your home might have vents outside, which is nothing to be surprised about. It is unnecessary to clean these vents, unlike those in your HVAC system.

Taking Precautions Against Mold

Lack of ventilation leads to mold growth in areas with excessive moisture. Growing mold inside your air ducts can create an unhealthy indoor environment. As mold spores travel through the ducts and your home, they will release into the air. Mold can grow on the rigid surfaces of air duct systems if mold develops inside them. Although you can see mold in some areas of your air ducts, a laboratory test is the only way to confirm definitively that you have mold. Without this sample, it is impossible to diagnose a mold problem. As a result of moist and moldy insulation, insulated air ducts should be removed and replaced. Identifying the underlying environmental factors that caused mold to grow is critical to properly removing mold and replacing moldy insulation. Unless you address these problems, mold will continue to grow.

Duct Cleaning

A Clog Can Occur at any Time

Air ducts can also be blocked by debris, rodents, or insects. You may notice particles escaping from air ducts when this happens frequently. Mold and mildew can grow in your home as a result of decaying organic matter. The entire venting system can become strained over time if leaves and dust accumulate in the ducts.

The Amount of Cleaning

The air ducts in your home likely extend through hard-to-reach places, so you should hire a professional air duct cleaner for the job. Just so you can learn how it works, you should stay during the estimation process. Lab testing should confirm the presence of mold in your ducts before mold removal is performed.

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Using the Right Tools

Each contractor uses a different method to achieve different results. You need to vacuum and chemically clean your ductwork. Additionally, each register should be cleaned separately in addition to the central duct. It is imperative to hire a thorough contractor.

Dust and debris are collected from the ducts using rotating brushes, vacuum cleaners, and compressed air mechanisms. The entire process usually takes six hours.

Duct Cleaning

Schedule a Session

Whenever you consider hiring an air duct cleaning service, make sure you do your research first. If you want recommendations, go online or ask someone who has cleaned their ducts. If you intend to hire someone, make sure to get an estimate and a service agreement that specifies the price and services. A reliable and quality HVAC system requires regular maintenance.

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