What are the Various Advantages of Plastic Pallet Freezer Spacers?

Those who are in the cold storage business are familiar with freezer spacer, which is used during the handling of materials to improve the speed of operation.

Top Industries, which is an American company located in Florida is one of the well-known suppliers of freezer spacers and also many other materials handling equipment.

When many layers of food products are stacked one upon the other, then the surface area will be greatly reduced. As a result, it will slow down the process and may create certain inconsistencies across the stack.

Placing a certain freezer spacer, in between various layers, will enable better cold air circulation as well as help in more efficient freezing. As a result, freezing time will be reduced by almost 30%.

Let us Try to Know a Few More Advantages Offered by a Pallet Freezer Spacer

Freezer Spacer Removal System

  1. Allow Air to Circulate Freely

These items offer a quick and easy solution to create additional space between stacked boxes, which is very helpful in avoiding product impressions.

Plastic freezer spacers, as opposed to conventional wooden ones, are formed of elevated sections that permit cold air to flow freely between items, resulting in quick freezing times.

  1. Chemical Resistant

They are manufactured of HDPE, which has received FDA approval. They nest to save room on the floor and are simple to clean.

Additionally, they preserve temperature homogeneity and lessen product cross-contamination, which is very beneficial for dairy production operations. Additionally, they reduce the possibility of spreading foodborne diseases.

  1. Washable

Each pallet freezer spacer is recyclable, washable, and made of hard HDPE materials and they won’t degrade the quality of your goods and are washable easily.

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Freezer Spacer

  1. Reversible

Reversible pallet freezer spacers can help keep the goods separated whether you need to carry frozen food on a pallet or store it in your warehouse.

Aluminum, phenolic, or plastic are the available materials for this product. As they are portable, nestable, and able to withstand high temperatures, egg crate freezer spacers are a fantastic alternative. They are reusable and can also be used with food.

  1. Flexible

Pallet Freezer Spacers are incredibly flexible and versatile despite their weight. Freezers can be utilized as set decor in addition to being effective as spacers.

They are generally flexible, therefore duct tape can be used to secure them.

  1. Durable

You will find all these spacers quite durable, lightweight, and also easy to clean. They can easily able to withstand wide temperature ranges and are designed to maintain structural integrity through repeated use.

On the other hand, any wood may retain water and may also rot in due course of time.

Pallet Freezer

  1. Reduce Water Build-Up

They can also help in reducing water build-up from washing and thawing. Often steel racks are also used for the same purpose, but they may take up bigger space and may not be as portable or flexible as any freezer spacer.

You may visit the official YouTube site of the Top Industries at to know more about their current developments.

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