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Know What Happens if Your Air Conditioner is Not Used for A Couple of Months

It is a known fact that many devices won’t work if they are used for a long time. Fortunately, your AC won’t have a problem, if you take certain precautions before using them again after many months.


Today advanced models of AC are designed for a long life span. They are designed to work smoothly daily for decades. Hence, even if you keep them switched off for many months there won’t be any problem provided, they were well-maintained. In Singapore, you can hire services from the best air-con service providers like 7DAY AIRCON SERVICING. Their aircon servicing price is reasonable and of course, they do excellent repairing, cleaning of your residential or commercial place air conditioner devices.

Things to do before turning your AC on after months

  • Firstly, closely watch the compressor unit. It needs cleaning of debris and dirt present over it. You need to clean the weeds growing nearby as well. It helps to keep the device clean and not stuck in the presence of unwanted things. You don’t have to open the device to clean it. However, if the AC hasn’t been used for more than six months then it is best to call AC cleaning service.
  • Call a professional technician to do maintenance of the whole AC unit. It is always beneficial to do maintenance of the cooling device every year. If it is used daily like in tropical regions, then best to do servicing of the appliance every six months.
  • It is beneficial to run the device in fan mode. That will help to get out the dirt from the pipes and the fan before you switch its cooling mode.
  • The ductwork, the thermostat needs to be inspected before you switch the air conditioner on. The exposed ductwork may wear out leading to less coolness felt inside the room, thus, replace it with a new one. The thermostat may not work properly, hence check it before starting the AC.
  • It is helpful to change the air filters as there can be dust on it, which will be allergic to breathe when the cool air blows inside the room.
  • Don’t miss to closely watch the electric wiring to know if there is any damage to it.


It is useful to do its servicing before you switch the cooling device off for few months. It helps to identify any minor problem to repair and to clean the device. This helps to reduce the problems arising after switching on AC after many months. It even helps to run the air-con for an hour at fan mode before switching it off for few months. This way the dirt, dust, microorganisms present in the device parts will blow out. Thus, there is a lesser chance of the pollutants affecting the device system when it is shut down.

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