10 Everyday Applications for Locking Pliers

Locking pliers are those pliers that have been designed specifically to be locked and holding an object very firmly without using any grip of the human hand. You can find several different locking pliers styles designed for different applications, and you can readily buy such products from any hardware store.

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So far as various uses of locking pliers are concerned, the following are the 10 very common uses.

1.     Clamping


Few locking pliers are exclusively designed only for clamping purposes. However, all other variants can also do this job. Locking pliers are also quite useful for clamping jigs and components firmly in woodworking applications too.

2.     Holding

These locking pliers are also used for handling materials whenever it will be uncomfortable or awkward to directly grip them, like while working with heat or when you are maneuvering small components for soldering or gluing.

3.     Pulling nails, staples, and other fasteners

Pulling nails, staples, and other fasteners

These locking pliers are also used for extracting stubborn nails or other fasteners where any standard pliers will struggle to work. They are especially very useful for extracting any broken fasteners having no head.

4.     Extracting rounded nuts and bolts

Also, if any nut or bolt becomes rounded and no spanner or socket can grip it, these locking pliers can easily grip the damaged parts and can turn the components in their threads, and help to remove the fastener.

5.     Replacing any broken knob or lever

Replacing any broken knob or lever

When any knob, lever, or any other control handle gets damaged from any piece of apparatus, then often the operator may find it difficult or impossible to get it turned by hand. Locking pliers will be ideal in these situations.

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6.     Wire cutting

Many locking pliers are provided with an additional integrated wire cutter, which will make them a very practical tool to snip and bend wire, shape, and hold it. These cutters can be used on any pallet strapping, cable ties, string, etc.

7.     Pinching off pipes, tubes, and lines

Pinching off pipes, tubes, and lines

In case, you want to squeeze any tube or pipeline closed, such as to suppress any leak or to temporarily shut off any system for repair or maintenance, locking pliers can offer an easy and quick solution.

8.     Driving screws

If suddenly you find that you have broken or just misplaced your trusty handle of a screwdriver while doing your job, then locking pliers are used as an emergency screwdriver for holding the bit.

9.     Light duty demolition and also shaping tasks

Pinching off pipes, tubes, and lines

When you need to break or bend the plastic and thin metals, then locking pliers will be useful. The locking jaws will grip for you, and enable you to put a little more energy into levering, twisting, and prying.

10. Pressing and squeezing

Locking pliers are also used for fixing or even assembling components such as chain links and also for crimping wire connectors.

The locking pliers are the most versatile type of hand tools available and they are used almost for everyday uses of technicians.

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