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The Right Cause and Time for Making an Appointment with A Fertility Specialist

This is that time of your life when you are questioning yourself about visiting a Fertility specialist. Trying to conceive for a year but having no result or an inability to sustain pregnancy can make you think of visiting a fertility expert. This is the first step towards having your own baby in your arm.

It is always said that the sooner you take the step, the better you get the result. The same is said to be done when you realize that you can’t get pregnant without any help. This is the most difficult phase for both men and women. However, surely things will turn out better for you. If you are looking for help, make a search online for a good fertility clinic near you. You can then check the reviews of this clinic before you visit them.

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How Long it takes to Get Pregnant?

How long it takes to get pregnant
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It is important to understand that no two women are the same. Their conceiving duration may vary depending on various factors like their health, medical history, age, and how often they keep relationships. Normally, it will not take more than 12 months to get pregnant if having sex on regular basis without any contraception. However, if it delays then it is time to worry.

Who are at Risk?

Risk increases as you age. You are at greater risk if you smoke, or drink alcohol if you are overweight or underweight.

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When are you Supposed to Take Help?

There are many reasons why you need to be concerned about taking specialist help:

  • If you are aged 35 and more and have not been able to conceive for more than 6 months or longer.
  • If you have an irregular periods issue
  • You experience a painful menstrual cycle
  • You got a history of infertility
  • You got problems like endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease
  • There are a couple of miscarriages as your concern
  • You have cancer and are under treatment, which includes radiation
  • You have a PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)
  • Any other medical conditions related to the thyroid.
require to get a fertility test done
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Will you Require to Get a Fertility Test Done?

If there is trouble in conceiving then you will be recommended to get a fertility test done. This will give you a good idea about your fertility potential and the overall health of your reproductive system. If there are any underlying problems, then the specialist will suggest a proper solution.

What Usually happens during the test?

Whenever you will visit the doctor, he will check your family history and your previous medical history. Then a physical examination would be done.

There are various tests, which are recommended to be done:

  • Blood tests will determine your hormone levels and check if you are ovulating
  • Biopsies will be done to check the inner lining of your uterus
  • Ovarian reserve testing is performed to understand the quantity and quality of your eggs
  • The imaging studies are done to check your fallopian tubes and uterus.
  • There will be hysterosalpingography done to check blockages in your fallopian tubes
  • Laparoscopic evaluation is done to check any abnormalities present in the reproductive system.

If problems are found, your doctor will recommend a suitable treatment accordingly.

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