BBQs 2U – MasterBuilt Gravity Series for Simple Cooking Without Learning Curve

For BBQs 2U, barbequing is a way to live. It is a small family business situated in Pwllheli, LL53 7UD in the UK [Mainland]. Customers can look for high-end grills like Masterbuilt, Kamado Joe, Ooni, and Napoleon along with complimentary grilling accessories on their website. People can even choose a Kamado Joe Bundle for outdoor kitchen installation.


Since 2002, BBQs 2U has gathered a lot of experience and is keen on sharing their barbequing expertise and outstanding customer service to prospects. They ensure that customer’s grill and accessories shopping experience is as easy and as smooth as possible!

MasterBuilt BBQ brand was established in 1973. It is globally popular to be a versatile, affordable, and innovative BBQ brand. They are the pioneer in launching the Masterbuilt ‘Gravity Series’, which has made charcoal barbequing simple. It is efficient and clean just like gas BBQs but offers fun, texture, and flavors that only charcoal can offer to an outdoor cooking experience.

MasterBuilt 560 leverages a digital system and is equipped with automatic temperature control. Anyone can grill and smoke, like an expert without any learning curve. Charcoal burns in a hopper on the end and a fan forces the flames and heat to flow horizontally inside the grill. A large diffuser spreads the heat equally across the grates. Fans’ speed is controlled by a digital thermostat. Firestarter easily starts the flame and heats the grill. In 7 minutes, the heat can reach 220°F, while in >15 minutes, the grill can range up to 700°F.


For smoking set the timer and temperature, plug temperature probe in control panel and another end inside the meat’s thickest part. The 560 is Blue-tooth and Wi-Fi enabled. People can set a grill for monitoring the timer and temperature remotely via Masterbuilt’s free app. It is a great option to smoke big meat cuts that need more than 10 hours. Cleaning is easy as the drip tray can be removed with ease.

MasterBuilt 1050 is 6” wider X 3” deeper X 2 ½” taller than 560. It offers 58% extra grilling space and 88% extra overall cooking capacity. The 1050 model has a double wall porcelain-coated interior grill. The cooking quality of Masterbuilt BBQs is outstanding. It is the hopper size that differs and the cooking chamber of 1050 is bigger. The 1050 unit has sturdy and tough front and bottom shelves. Controller and Wi-Fi operation is the same. The temp gauge, meat probe, wheels, and fuel capacity are the same as 560.

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Charcoal-grilled food tastes superb but the trouble in lighting the charcoal, attaining ideal grill temperature, and cleaning the resulting ash is a deterrent. Fortunately, Masterbuilt has efficiently taken care of this. Without any experience in barbequing people can expand their menu with Masterbuilt’s digital charcoal grills.


BBQs 2U offers budget-friendly and basic BBQs for beginners besides the hi-tech models. Visit their showroom to check the variety of brands and models. They even offer demonstrations of product functionalities and features. They are eager to discuss barbeque anytime!

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