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Behavioural Therapy and Its Use for Addicts

Behavioural Therapy and Its Use for Addicts 4

Addiction can be a bane of a person’s life. Not only does addiction affect the physical and mental well-being of an individual, but his family and his loved ones too suffer from his behaviour. There are many different types of addictions however, one thing that is common in all of them is that they lead to disastrous effects.

If you are looking for the best place to get your loved one relieved from addiction, then you must reach out to Pacific Beach Health California. There is a deep connection between addiction and neuroscience. At pacific beach health, they first understand the underlying cause of your addiction.

They have a team of expert clinicians who incorporate research-based techniques to heal their patients. They have a huge experience in healing patients and their healing practices are proven beneficial for couples with strained relationships, teems with behavioural pattern, people with mood disorders and personality disorders, and for people with substance addiction.

Their team of counsellors and mental health experts collaborate to devise the perfect healing regimen for you. they emphasize bringing their client close to nature and spirituality. They help their clients in getting balance, peace and purpose in their lives so that that can lead to a happy life in future.

They have a variety of therapy specialties like couple therapy, cognitive art therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, neuroscience of addiction, solution focussed brief therapy, family therapy, 12 step facilitation therapy, rational emotive behaviour therapy, art therapy, logotherapy, etc.

Behavioural Therapy and Its Use for Addicts 2

Different Types of Behavioural Addiction

It is hard to believe that behavioural addiction is so hard to treat that society has deemed them acceptable. Imagine stopping to use the internet. It is very difficult because the internet is pervasive in the modern era. It is impossible to abstain from using the internet in today’s age.

The health care professionals recognize four broad-spectrum behavioural addictions i.e.

1- Gambling addiction

2- Sex addiction

3- Gaming addiction

4- Internet addiction

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Behavioural Therapy and Its Use for Addicts 3

Signs and symptoms of behavioural addiction

Even though, unlike the drug and alcohol abusers, the behavioural addicts do not display any withdrawal symptoms, the symptoms reflected by the behavioural addicts are much or less of the same genre:

1- Guilt

2- Denial

3- Absence from the work and other responsibilities like school or college

4- Lying

5- Lack of care of self-hygiene.

6- Shabby appearance

7- Frequent fights with friends and family

8- Sleep imbalance

There are other physical ramifications too which the behavioural addicts may suffer with. The ones who are addicted to sex may suffer from STI’s. the ones addicted to the internet and gaming addiction are more likely to be afflicted with carpal tunnel, headaches and bear neck and back pain.

The psychological withdrawal of these people is similar to the ones who are addicted to drugs. These people get cravings, anxiety and sleeping issues.


The best thing that you can do for a behavioural addict is to get him in the observation of experts who are in the best position to help him by healing him. This would help him lead a normal life.

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