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Benzodiazepines – How Long Is The Withdrawal Period Of This Chemical

Coping with Benzo Withdrawal

Benzodiazepines are a group of chemicals that alter the system of the central nervous system. It is a prescribed depressant used to treat anxiety attacks, insomnia, restlessness, and seizures. Benzodiazepines are often known as benzos and are widely used in the United States. There are several versions of benzos sold under the medical brand names Valium, Klonopin, and Xanax.

Benzo can become an addictive supplement to your body if you are using it for quite a few months. This drug takes time to flush out from the system. The users who have used it have reported low emotional quotient and higher logical reasoning after they have stopped taking the drug.

This is because this drug alters the chemical messengers in the brain, and this may last a few months. Nevertheless, this is also known as the breakup drug and is very common in teenagers. However, people get dependent on it for the euphoric and superior feeling of oneself.

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Benzo dependence


Benzodiazepine abuse is the most common type of abuse and it causes tremendous dependence. In a recent medical report, it is mentioned that half a million people in the United States are misusing this sedative drug for the feeling of feeling fewer emotions.

Moreover, over time the human body develops tolerance to it and people tend to increase the dosage. There has been a huge number of reported cases where professionals and students cannot operate daily tasks without this drug.

If you stop the drug abruptly, then you will face withdrawal symptoms like an unnatural increase in the heartbeat, which may become lethal to your health.

You might feel anxious and even experience sleepless nights. Needless to say, you will be very irritated as well and hyper-sensitive to everyone around you who tends to tell you or give you any advice. During the first week, you may also experience headaches and severe hand trembling.

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Benzo Withdrawal


Withdrawal from Benzodiazepine is done by healthcare professionals through lowering dosages that require frequent monitoring. This will cause minor symptoms and will come and go slowly down the lane.

If you are using benzo for more than six months, inform your health care professional because you might experience unnatural seizures, forgetfulness, and delirium. It is always advised that you must visit a certified rehabilitation center to take medical help.

Coping with Benzo Withdrawal

You can ask your doctor to taper down the dose. Tapering suggests that progressively you will take smaller dosages. The doctor will check your blood test, ECG, and MRI report and then make a customized plan for your withdrawal.

Most of the commonly prescribed benzo for withdrawal is a long-acting one which means it takes time to show the effect on the body. By the time it shows its effect the euphoria drops down. Diazepam is one such benzo which is a widely prescribed variant for withdrawal.

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