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Eradicating Black Widows From Your Arizona Home

Spotting black widow spiders, those brownish-black demons with eight legs in your Arizona home can be terrifying.  These horrible tiny arachnids can be very dangerous and are very much hated due to their deadly poison.

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You might take precautionary measures to keep these spiders away, but once they are inside your home, you need to look for a better way to eradicate them from your Arizona home.

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How to eradicate black widows from your home in Arizona?

If you reside in Surprise, AZ, you must be experiencing a dry climate with hot summers due to which a variety of pests including black widows get attracted. Once you notice webs around your home in Surprise, be sure that your home is infested with black widows and in such a case, there could be no better way than to hire Pest Control Surprise AZ.

They offer the best pest control services for Surprise residents that are safe for homes with kids and pets. Call them today as their local experts have the best solution for pest-free living with environmental-friendly solutions.

How to identify black widow spiders?

It is important to know how to spot black widow spiders in your home. They are one of the strangest species of spiders that can be easily identified. Their all-black bodies, round abdomens, and thin legs with a red hourglass mark. The other black widow spiders have a similar appearance, but different colors and markings.

How to locate them?

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You might have black widow spiders in your home and wouldn’t even realize their presence. They usually prefer quiet and lonely places so tend to live in garages and basements. If these areas are left abandoned and unlit then you would hardly notice the spiders.

These spiders typically build their uneven and messy webs near the ground. Whether you locate the web or a spider, consider hiring a professional pest control service for getting them removed completely.

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Preventing black widow spiders from invading your space

Trying to remove black widow spiders or its web on your own is not advised. You might receive a severe bite if you mistakenly disturb a spider while trying to brush away a web. Their bites are deadly that can cause severe health issues. There could be swelling, pain, nausea, fever, high blood pressure, and other serious medical problems.

Consider following these suggestions to keep black widows out of your house:

  • Trim your lawn regularly.
  • Keep your yard clear of any trash and debris.
  • Check for cracks, holes, and gaps and fill them up.
  • Repair any rips and tears in your windows and replace any broken screens.
  • Keep doors and windows without screens closed when not in use.
  • Use insect-repellant bulbs after sunset.
  • After feeding your pets, remove their food bowls and clean their water bowls.
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However, if you witness black widow spiders or webs in your Surprise home, call a reliable pest control service. They would ensure the safest and most effective solution to keep your home free from any pests, which include black widow spiders too.

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