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What to Consider When Building a Custom Pool In Your Backyard

Your backyard has some extra space, but you have no idea what to do with it. Just looking at that empty, unused space gives you a headache. Fortunately, installing a custom pool can breathe some life into a monotonous backyard. Having a stylish custom pool just outside your house sounds impossible at first. However, with a bit of research and the help of professionals, you can easily build one. With the help of So Cal Custom Pools, you can better understand what is necessary to add a lovely custom pull and increase the appeal of your property.

Custom Pool

Know What You Want

Priority one is to be realistic and ensure you are getting the highest value for your money. In order to get an accurate estimate of the costs, you should document all potential expenses. A professional can be of substantial help in this situation. In addition to size, materials, electricity, etc., there is also regular maintenance that must be taken into consideration. Maintaining a large swimming pool requires more money. Check the size of your backyard and then see what pool size and shape would best fit. Following that, it will be easier to adjust your budget because you will be able to narrow your options.

How Will You Use it?

You should first determine how much space is available in your backyard for a pool. Is swimming something you enjoy doing in the pool? Do you want your family and friends to enjoy the pool with you, or is it a more private experience? Do you want to build a party pool or a place for relaxation? It is ideal to understand the purpose of the pool and, with that in mind, move on to choosing the type of pool you prefer.

Custom Pool Backyard

Stylistic Approach and Materials Options

After you’ve determined your budget and the appropriate size, it’s time to decide on the material. What kind of pool would you like, something that blends with the rest of your property or something entirely different? Is custom design your thing, or do you lean more toward catalog options? A custom pool is generally made from one of three materials:


A fiberglass option offers a variety of shapes, but customization isn’t as extensive. It combines firmness and flexibility. This material is very convenient because of its affordability and ease of installation, which makes it perfect for those who don’t want to be overly fussy with their pool design.


For those who are passionate about making something truly unique, concrete is the perfect medium. Concrete is a viable choice if you don’t mind giving it more time and effort to install. You must take extra care during the building process due to the possibility of leaks. However, it depends on how custom you want it and how far you want to go since concrete pools tend to be more expensive and take longer to build.


Vinyl pools are the most affordable, as they are premade and can be easily installed. Although they aren’t too expensive, they cannot be customized and are smaller in size, so they are perfect for those with a smaller backyard and a tight budget.

New Custom Pool

Check Permits

Whenever you want to build something, you have to deal with paperwork. Find out which permits you to need by consulting professionals. Construction cannot begin without excavation and rough grading.

Schedule a Meeting With Professionals

To best determine the type of pool for your backyard, contact the professionals who build them. They will listen to your ideas and adjust them to fit your budget and backyard size.



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