Why do Small Businesses Need To Establish A Website?

More than 95% of consumers search on the internet for products or services. However, there are only 50% of small businesses have an online presence or a website. It means without an online presence your small business can stay disconnected from the increasing number of online customers. It even means you can miss out on significant sales opportunities. There are reports of how Cyber Mondays and Black Fridays have been escalating their online sales every year…contributing to billions.


A business website can help small ventures to promote as well as sell products or services. They can gain an edge over their competitors, especially if your customers depend on the internet for research and solutions. A website is a valuable digital asset for building credibility, sharing information, and being prominent in the saturated marketplace.

Austin web design company Lions Share Digital has been helping small businesses establish productive websites. It is advised to have a professional website created because of multiple reasons.

Gain exposure

Establishing a website makes it easy for customers to find small businesses. Today consumers search on the internet for solutions, before they make a buying decision. A responsive website helps consumers find small businesses from any device including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. They can get to know your business and what is offered at any time and from anywhere.

Content has always ruled the search engine result pages. Google is going smart and is prioritizing a better user experience. It is a rewarding website that offers users useful content and the best user experience. To get found, a small business website needs to gain top ranking on SERPs, or sales opportunities get lost.

Builds credibility

Businesses website

Online business presence can be built on social media but there are platform limitations in terms of technology, process, and design. On the other hand, having a website created offers flexibility, total control, better branding, and enhanced credibility.

According to 84% of consumers in the US, a business website is more credible than a social media webpage. A website makes a huge difference!

Find new customers

Attracting new clients is essential for the success of an ongoing business. Using print ads and direct mail is an unreliable and costly marketing technique. On the other hand, getting online allows you to reach targeted local customers and even outside your region at a significantly low cost.

Besides attracting new consumers, a website even helps to retain existing ones. Business information can be updated 24/7, which enhances customer communication. Email marketing can be automated to remarket and increase customer loyalty.

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Grow business

Every business small or large aims to expand and reach new markets. Face-to-face interaction is crucial. Word-of-mouth is still valuable. A website offers a chance to gain wide exposure. It is like distributing your visiting cards among thousands online. An e-commerce store allows selling merchandise online as well as delivering orders to worldwide customers.

Business website

There will be customers from different states, countries, or regions interested in your products. People from neighboring cities or states may be interested in your services. Thus you can expand your branches to multiple regional offices.

Establish your small business website and compete with an edge!

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