How to Better Conserve Energy with Energy-efficient Appliances

Energy efficiency is one of the buzzwords of 2022. In reality, energy efficiency is vital both for society and the individual. Being careful and smart about how and when you use your appliances might sound tedious, but it saves you money in the long run and is environmentally friendly. Buying Energy Star is the first step towards energy efficiency, but more importantly, using them strategically will show good results. San Diego’s Lars Appliances gave me guidelines on how to best use appliances at home. It’s simple, and anyone can do it with a little discipline and determination.

Woman Selecting Economy Program On Washing Machine To Save Energ

Wait For a Full Washing Machine

To get the most efficiency out of your washing machine or dishwasher, run it full loads instead of half-full. Sure, you can use your washing machine every day. However, it’s much better to wait until it’s full and then use it at a specific time of the day when electricity is cheaper, usually evenings. You’ll have better results with a full freezer and refrigerator as well. The most effective way to keep your food safe during a power outage is in a full freezer rather than a half-empty. In practice, none of us have the fridge at full capacity constantly, but when you do the math, it still spends the same amount of energy no matter how full it is

You Don’t Need to Use Hot Water

Your washing machine uses a large amount of energy to heat the water. If you turn the temperature down from hot to warm, you can cut energy consumption by half without sacrificing cleanliness. Additionally, many detergents today are designed for use in cold water so that they may do the job just as effectively. As well as saving energy, washing clothes in cold water and air drying them instead of using a dryer can preserve colours and prevent set stains.

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Save While Cooking

What if we told you that your microwave saves approximately 50 percent more energy than your standard oven? A toaster oven can save you even more energy than a microwave, and a crockpot can cook your food even faster. If cooking in the microwave doesn’t benefit you, try cooking in a toaster oven instead. Using a pot without a lid on the stove will consume 60 percent more energy. Find the right lid to fit your pot – it doesn’t have to be the original one. Even if it didn’t come in the package, you can replace it with any other lid and save energy. Have you already preheated your oven? Utilize the energy that went into heating up the oven, and bake as much as possible. Plan your meals a few days in advance and prepare as much as possible in one session. Additionally, drying multiple loads one after another lets you save energy.

Regular Maintenance

Conserve Energy

To get the most out of your appliances, keep them clean. In addition to cleaning the lint traps and hoses in your dryer, you should check your dishwasher’s traps and spray arm for food particles and vacuum your fridge’s coils. Regular maintenance will prolong the lifespan of your appliances immensely. Many breaks are caused due to lack of regular maintenance. Cleaning your appliances regularly will suffice.

Not Using Appliances is Not an Alternative

Choosing not to use appliances at all actually does not save energy! Washing dishes by hand actually wastes a lot of water, takes more time and effort, and contradicts the purpose of owning an appliance. I can’t even imagine what hand washing your clothes would look like today and how much water and time it would take to replace what a washing machine does.

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