Easy to Cook Camping Recipes Using Only Five Ingredients

Many holidaymakers prefer camping in various kinds of locations offering pleasures that are quite different from their daily routine. These days, there are many camping sites offering all kinds of basic amenities to enjoy comfortable holidays.

Camping is more fun when you enjoy good food as well. Many campers have similar complaints about being unable to relish tasty food as there are limited ingredients to cook while camping. Thankfully, this issue can be solved once you visit the website of Easy Campfire Recipes. The website has some mouthwatering easy to cook campfire recipes using only five ingredients or less. To follow the recipes, you need to be an efficient cook as you need to follow the instructions and enjoy cooking.

Here are few chosen recipes for you to cook and enjoy camping-

Campfire Scrambled eggs:


  • You need the required eggs, clarified butter, salt, pepper, and red chili flakes. It may look like a simple tasteless everyday food, however when cooked rightly it tastes really good. You need to firstly beat the eggs for few minutes to cook puffy scrambled eggs. Add butter once the pan slightly heats, pour the beaten eggs and lastly add the seasoning ingredients. Vegetarians can have scrambled tofu instead of eggs shredded into small pieces. A nice side dish for toasted bread is ready in a few minutes.

Cooking granola:

Cooking granola

  • Granola tastes awesome when it is hot and freshly cooked in a campfire, thus the best food to have for dinner. Few cups of rolled oats, nuts of your preference, dried cranberries, maple syrup, and oil of your choice. You just need to toss your nuts on not so hot pan until you get a nutty aroma then add oats and cook well. You need to add oil and next maple syrup after oats are cooked. Mix them well till you get the right consistency before adding dried cranberries. Enjoy while it is warm.

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Sweet potatoes grilled crunchily:

eet potatoes grilled crunchily

  • You just need seasonings like pepper, chili flakes, and a Ranch dry mix pack to marinate the washed and long cut sweet potatoes. Make sure to cut the potatoes uniformly to cook properly. Add all the spicy ingredients to a bowl, mix well before adding in the sliced potatoes. You need to neatly lay all the fries on a foil sheet and wrap them right before placing them over the grill rack. You can enjoy nice crispy spicy sweet potato anytime.

Fried fishes or Grilled fishes:

Fried fishes or Grilled fishes

  • You just need salt, red chili powder, ginger garlic paste, lime juice, and oil to shallow fry the cleaned fish pieces of your choice. Mix the ingredients well and spread them over the fish pieces evenly. After half an hour, you can fry the pieces in oil to have crunchy fleshy fish. Some campers even spread the oil over the fish to roast them over the campfire. It is your choice!

These are a few of the recipes that help to enjoy delicious food while camping anywhere. The ingredients can be carried easily in your backpack with ease. Relax and enjoy your cooked feast while camping.

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