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Different Types of Lawn Mower – Features and Uses

Lawn maintenance has been a back-breaking and cumbersome task till the invention of a lawnmower in 1830. The advent of Lawnmower ​facilitated the easy maintenance of your lawn. The lawnmowers have come a long way from being a simple push lawn mower to its modern namesakes that are efficient marvels of modern technology.

Cylinder mowers

These are the modern versions of the basic push lawnmowers. A cylinder mower consists of the following

  • A barrel – it’s placed inside the mower and consists of an array of rotating blades
  • A stationary blade at the rear

Lawn Mower

When it’s used, the barrel turns due to which the blades start rotating that moves the grass towards the rear blade where it gets cut. This type of mower is best suited for weekly maintenance of your lawn when the grass is not grown for long. Image result for Different Types of Lawn Mower – Features and Uses

Rotary mowers

These are the mowers that can be found in most of the lawns. These can be petrol operated or electrically operated, the petrol operated version is more powerful. When used, the spinning blade that’s attached horizontally to the base cuts the grass.

The blade moves clockwise, and it’s powered either by petrol or electricity, due to this it can easily handle overgrown grasses. It’s faster than a Cylinder mower, so these are best suited if you have a large lawn. There are two primary types of rotary lawn mowers

Lawn Mower

  • Push type – Normally used mowers that are used manually.
  • Riding type – this type of mower is similar to a small tractor with single or multiple horizontal blades attached to the bottom. These are a costlier form of rotary mowers but are highly convenient, you just need to switch it on and drive it around your lawn to keep it trimmed and beautiful. These are best suited to handle the grasses on a large piece of land.

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Electric mowers

An​ electric mower is any cylinder or rotary mower that’s powered by electricity. These are cheaper than petrol mowers in terms of operation. These are best suited for a small or a medium-sized lawn. They are silent mowers and can be battery powered. The battery once charged can easily handle trimming a normal-sized lawn.

Lawn Mower Features

Petrol mowers

These powerful machines are suitable to tackle overgrown or thick grasses. These are the oldest and the most powerful compared to other mowers. These are also available in self-propelled variants.

Hover mowers

These are a type of Rotary mowers that has an impeller above the blades that causes the mower to lift up from the ground by pushing the air downwards. These have lightweight plastic bodies and are suitable for a lawn with steep slopes or lots of weed.

Lawn Mower

Robotic mowers

It’s an automatic mower that trims your lawn without any manual involvement after being setup. The lawn is surrounded by a boundary wire that defines the area of operation for the mower. Owning a robotic​ mower is like hiring someone to keep your lawn trimmed and beautiful.

You can choose any of these options as per the budget and size of your lawn. The time you can devote to maintain your lawn is a major deciding factor for choosing a lawnmower.

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