Follow These Tips While Selecting a Dog Trainer for Your Pet

Choosing a proper dog trainer can be a difficult decision, especially when you want obedience classes or private sessions to tackle your dog’s behavior problem. Unlicensed dog training can be scary as anyone can be a dog trainer, regardless of whether they have any formal training. You want a dog trainer that you enjoy working with, who can provide results, matches your personality, is friendly with your pet, and has the same teaching style like yours.

Positive Paws provides dog obedience trainers in St. Charles and St. Louis, MO. Each of their trainers is professional and certified by CPDT. They provide different training programs for different dog behaviors and personalities. Whether you have a puppy or a grown-up who is suddenly behaving nasty, they have a training program for all kinds of dogs.

Facts to Consider Before Hiring Dog Trainer 

Hiring Dog Trainer 

Know What Your Dog Needs 

Not all dogs are meant to be specialized like bomb squads. Some suit a cute and mischief personality. Therefore, know what you are looking for. If you just want them to learn basic things like run, pick, come, and eat, then you don’t need a professional or certified trainer. This can be done even by you with simple reward tricks. If you’ve already taught your dog above mentioned skills and want to move one step ahead with the training program, then you need to find an appropriate trainer that can help you with it.

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What are you looking for?

Some trainers use choke chains while some use pet treats in their reward training. Each trainer has its specialty and training techniques. You should know what you’re looking for. Don’t jump to a conclusion that your friend’s dog trainer will be suitable for yours as well. Maybe your friend is comfortable with choke chains, and you find it terrifying. Ensure that you sit and talk to the trainer before appointing. Let him/her know all things that you’re against and find out if they are comfortable with it. you don’t want your pet to get agitated with the trainer and behave aggressively later with you.

Hiring Dog Trainer 

Know their Qualification

There are several skilled dog professionals out there. However, the reality is that there aren’t any guidelines that imply a certified trainer is an expert in his skills. Certification ensures that the person you rent has met the basic requirements, put in some active hours with dogs, and done some research. Certification also holds a trainer to a set of basic norms and guidelines. therefore, get hold of a trainer from a reputed clinic or organization after doing your research work.


There is no harm in taking second advice from all those who have already appointed the same trainer. Most time, trainers agree to all your terms before signing the contract but then follow their own set of rules. So, the whole training session may turn into a horrifying or upsetting moment for your pet. By talking to references, you will get an idea about the trainer’s behavior and their training method.

If you only want a pet with basic skills, then try some skills at home. Then don’t blame us for your damaged furniture. However, if you want a well-behaved pet, hire a certified and experienced dog trainer.

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