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Common Foot Problems in Toddlers and Babies

The feet of children must carry out vital, lifelong functions, so it is crucial to take good care of them. Most newborns have healthy and normal feet at birth, and with proper care throughout their growing years, they should remain that way. Mentioned below are some of the tips for you to care for your child’s feet.

Foot Problems in Toddlers and Babies

  • Because babies develop so quickly, it is crucial to routinely check that your child’s socks and booties fit properly.
  • Never stop a baby from kicking or wriggling since this is how they build their muscles. Feet should be unrestricted by too-tight clothing, booties, leggings, or any other type of foot protection.
  • Each day, use mild soap and water for washing your child’s feet. Pat them dry, paying special attention to the area in between the toes to prevent sogginess.
  • Most kids start walking between the ages of 8 and 15 months. Some people are much more emotionally and physically prepared than others for that first step, but you should not rush it because babies’ feet and legs grow best when they learn to walk the way they are comfortable at their own pace. It is not required to use walking aids, and doing so may make it more difficult for a baby to learn to walk.

When you are choosing the shoe for your child, it is very important to pick the right size. Avoid choosing a shoe that is too loose or too tight for your child. It is also important to choose breathable materials when picking the shoe. Select soft leather shoes that are cozy to wear, have light soles, soft leather, non-slip bottoms, and padded ankles.

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They need to be adjustable and secure. This will keep your child’s feet in place and prevent forward movement. Choosing the proper size is crucial.

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If your baby or toddler is suffering from any foot-related problem, you must immediately take him or her to a pediatric foot doctor. Podiatrists are specialists in treating foot problems, which means for any foot-related problem you must contact them only, in spite of contacting regular doctors. One of the best podiatrists available in Orange County is Dr. Sima Soltani from many years. Contact her, if your baby is suffering from any kind of foot-related problems.

Before you choose children’s foot doctor, ensure that you look at the reviews online. If you find any negative reviews, avoid choosing that podiatrist. Some of the common foot-related problems that babies and toddlers experience include

children's foot doctor

  • Flat Feet: Everyone is born without arches. The arches often form between ages 3 and 5, although occasionally they do not. Unless your child additionally complains of discomfort or pain, there is typically little reason to be concerned. Your youngster will not necessarily be clumsier or more likely to trip and fall if they have flat feet.
  • Toe Walking: Kids with this problem usually walk on their toes. In fact, they put their weight on their heels and walk on their toes. This problem is common in toddlers who are below 3 years old. If the problem persists after 3 years, it is important to see a pediatric podiatrist.
  • Out-Toeing and In-Toeing: It is possible that it will correct itself when your child gains more self-assurance while moving around. By the age of seven to eight, out-toeing and in-toeing typically improve on their own.

Some of the treatment options for flat feet include


  • Orthotics: Custom-made orthotics placed inside your child’s shoes can support the foot’s structure and enhance function.
  • Physical Therapy: Look at your child’s condition, your podiatrist might recommend physical therapy.
  • Modification In Activity Levels: You need to ensure that your baby doesn’t involve in more activities temporarily. Your toddler may also need to refrain from standing or walking for extended periods of time.
  • Medications: Your podiatrist might recommend certain medications looking at the condition of your baby or toddler. Most podiatrists recommend medications only if it is necessary.
  • Proper Footwear: Choosing the right footwear is also important. Your podiatrist will recommend certain changes in the footwear, if required.

For Pediatric podiatrist Orange County, search online. There are many websites where you can find the details of various podiatrists in Orange County. Check those details carefully, to find a good Orange County podiatrist.


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