Reasons Why Glamping is Better than Camping in Every Way

Camping can be fun, but glamping is the bee’s knees… trust me. Tents are loads of fun and all, and it can be pretty romantic sleeping under the stars, but do you know what isn’t fun? No bathrooms, no fridge, and no hot showers. Glamping Snowdonia offers something special, a home-away-from-home vibe whilst still bringing you close to nature.

Here are a few reasons why glamping is superior to roughing it in pretty much every way.

No setting up or packing down

No setting up or packing down

Camping might sound appealing in theory, but then you remember that you have to make several arm laden trips to and from the car with all manner of equipment, do a food shop, and make sure you have room for all the bits and bobs. Pitching the tent, unpacking everything, lighting a fire; it’s exhausting just thinking about it. But then you have to do basically everything in reverse!

Glamping requires you, your luggage, and some food; that’s it. No tent pitching required. You’ll be staying in beautiful little accommodation, perhaps a yurt, shepherd’s hut, or little pod. No set up required just more time to relax and enjoy your getaway.

Luxury linen and a plush mattress

Luxury linen

Camping means an inflatable mattress or maybe even a yoga mat underneath a sleeping bag; something just doesn’t scream comfort here.

Glamping provides a nice warm, cozy bed to rest your head in. Think fluffy pillows, soft bedding, and a relaxing and chilled atmosphere.

Bathroom facilities

Bathroom facilities

Forget having to find some yucky toilet roll and hop about in the woods in the dead of night, or trying to find shoes to brave the somewhat questionable campground bathrooms.

Glamping sites pride themselves on luxury bathrooms, fluffy bath towels, and maybe even an en suite. No need to rush out to buy verruca cream after this holiday!

A tent or accommodation you can stand up in

A tent or accommodation you can stand up in

Getting changed in a tent is a struggle, straight up. Trying to put on jeans in a tent is a task and a half; standing up is impossible.

The glamping accommodation is usually tall enough to stand up in comfortably; being able to fit a double bed makes this a very real possibility. You can do a little dance of joy in your hut just because there’s enough room to do it! An example of some popular glamping accommodation is glamping pods.

The fireplace is usually already set up for you


There’s nothing more romantic than sitting around a campfire on holiday, but if you have to set up your own it could be problematic. Forgetting matches, trying to find kindling or firewood; it spells disaster.

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Fireplaces at glamping spots are totally different, they’re either full-on fireplaces inside your abode, or they’re ultra-chic and glam fire pits outside; but either way, they’re all set up and ready to go. Wood will be fully chopped; kindling will be in place with matches nearby, all you have to do is a light one and you’re good to go.

Glamping is the wonder of exploring and embracing nature, whilst still holidaying in some form of luxury. It doesn’t take away from the overall experience, it enhances it.

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