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Guide to Choose the Right Finish for Your Paint

Getting the paint job done in your interiors is a very confusing task. For one, you have to choose among the battery of colors, which will be perfect for your interiors. Two, as if the choice of color was not confusing enough, you have to choose among a variety of finishes in the paints. Choosing the finish is the second step.


Higher the sheen of the paint, the higher the shine. A very common fact is that paints with more gloss will be more durable and be able to withstand more pollutants, sunlight, and other things, which are considered to be the enemies of paint whereas the paints with less gloss will be more into your budget since their square footage is less.

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Different types of finishes in Paints


1- Matte- matte paint is the best for giving a modern touch to the interiors. Because it has no shine of a gloss, it absorbs all the light which falls on it and does not reflect it. one downside of using this paint is that since it has no gloss, it becomes very hard to clean this paint. in a majority of the cases, repainting is easier than cleaning the surface.

This paint is ideal for areas with less traffic like adults’ bedrooms, offices, or any other room which is out of the proximity of children.

2- Eggshell paints – if you want to add an accent of sophistication to your interiors, then this is the finish you must go with. It is more durable and is ideal for a majority of interior spaces. However, you might want to avoid using it in kitchens or bathrooms, or any other area which requires regular cleaning.

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3- Satin paint – this paint has enough gloss so that it can be cleaned easily, but not so much that the walls start to look shiny. Paints with more gloss would inevitably reflect more imperfections than usual. Use this paint in those areas, which require more and regular cleaning such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc.



Choosing the right finish is not just a matter of look, but also determines the life and durability of the paint. Since different finishes have a different life, they must be used in the rooms according to the traffic involved.

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