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How Alcohol Makes an Impact on Mental and Physical Health?

People drink alcohol for various reasons like celebrations, socialization, reduce sorrows, etc. Alcohol is even consumed to swap moods, to feel confident, courageous, and relaxed. However, alcohol temporarily affects our body and mind in one go, and its withdrawal effects too much. Long-term usage of alcohol has a devastating effect. To rely on alcohol for temporary issues will become an addiction by itself.


If you are associated with mental health issues, using alcohol makes you feel better temporarily. If this is the reason behind drinking, then you will get indulged in drinking alcohol more often. All these issues can be rectified and treated in an effective way just you need the perfect rehab center.

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Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

Alcohol disrupts the balance of the neurotransmitters or chemical messengers of the brain and fluctuates your emotions and behaviors. Alcohol affects the cerebellum, which controls our coordination movements. The chemical changes in the brain lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental issues on prolonged use. Alcohol also slows down the decision-making abilities, making it difficult to make a judgment, about what is right and what is wrong. You may become alcohol dependent as the anxiety and depression will force you to have alcohol to get relaxed.

Effects of Alcohol on Body


Heavy drinking leads to alcohol poisoning, sleeping issues, bloating problems, etc. It might change your behavior to a more aggressive or violent one, and be prone to accidents. Prolonged use of alcohol makes a heavy impact on your health, it leads to heart attack, diabetes, kidney failure, and many more. Being an alcoholic makes you socially vulnerable, as you are someway bound to face financial and social difficulties.

Alcohol Abuse and Depression

The occurrence of depression disorder accompanying alcohol abuse is high. They move in a simultaneous way. They both affect each other in a negative way, leading to an increase in both disorders.

Mental Health Issues Due To Alcohol

  • Depression – Depression is one of the prime symptoms of excessive drinking. Some people start to feel better after they stopped drinking alcohol, then you should be sure that alcohol was the actual reason behind depression. If you are taking anti-depressants, then you should avoid drinking. Alcohol raises depression, and also negatively affects the actions of anti-depressants.
  • Anxiety – Alcohol gives a minor drag to be relaxed but soon disappears. Relying on alcohol to deal with anxiety, will eventually lead you to drink more often, and eventually leads to alcohol dependence. Meditation, yoga, exercise, and utilizing time on things you enjoy doing should be the option to remove anxiety, rather than being an alcoholic.
  • Suicide And Self-Harm – Alcohol hampers the functioning of your cerebellum, so it becomes a bit problematic to decide what is good for you, and sometimes leads to self-harm and suicide.

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If you are alcohol dependent and want to stop drinking completely, then suddenly stopping might fall a worse impact on your body and mind. So, take the right guidance from a professional, and seek the right treatment procedure to recover from it completely.

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