How to Know If A HP Printer Cartridge Is Genuine

Printer Cartridge

Every HP printer owner knows that using cheaper third-party ink cartridges can be a gamble. People have reported getting black, smudged ink on their hands and clothes, cartridges that suddenly stop working, and even printing paper with missing letters.

HP printers are designed to use genuine HP ink cartridges for optimal performance. But how do you know if the cartridge you’re buying is the real deal?

This article will help you spot counterfeit and knockoff cartridges so you can make the best decision for your printer.

HP Printer Cartridge Is Genuine

Checking the security label

To visibly check the label’s validity, do the aforementioned:

  • Move your head from front to back to observe “OK” and “√” move in opposing ways.
  • Move your head from right to left to watch “OK” and “√” move in a similar way.

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Code scan

Scan the QR code on the cartridge’s security tag with the HP SureSupply app or a basic QR code scanner. 1 If you are unable to scan QR codes with your mobile, visit to verify on the internet.

Code scan

Inform about the replica

Always save the print cartridge, its packing, and any product-related documentation, such as bills, offer papers, and so on.

Authenticate online

You can log into the official website of HP and enter the label’s verification number into the blank field to validate the product.

On-site check

You can even ask their customer service to come and check the products for mid to large-sized transfers of HP printing supplies. Rather than buying useless counterfeits unknowingly, you should buy HP 63 black original ink cartridge and other products from verified sellers. Need More Ink is an online shopping place to find authentic and genuine office supplies like printers and other things.

On-site check

Threats and risks with counterfeits

·      Printer problems

It is highly likely that you will have 1.6 times more problems while utilizing non-HP toner cartridges or counterfeits.

·      Reputation

Indoor air quality should be a problem for businesses. Original HP toner cartridges are developed and tested to safeguard your consumers and staff from high amounts of hazardous chemical pollutants.

·      Workstation

Counterfeits don’t provide efficiency and can lead to problems in productivity and create hazardous emissions. Original HP toner cartridges can provide you peace of mind that your HP printing system will meet environmental emission criteria.

·      Environment

More than 70% of non-HP toner cartridges wind up in dumps. While for original HP printers will be long-lasting or can be fixed again.

Why you should choose original HP printers and cartridges:

·      Dependability

Original HP cartridges are supported by 20 years of intensive research, so you won’t have to worry about leaking or sloppy printing that happens in a counterfeit model.

·      Excellent quality

The HP Original cartridges allow quick, successful print with excellent output. Counterfeit ink cartridges offer no assurance of quality.

·      Excellent HP customer service

All Original HP cartridges come with amazing service, maintenance, and a guarantee. To reap the maximum returns, use Original HP cartridges.

HP Printer Cartridge Is Genuine


HP printers might be costlier than counterfeits. But, its return on investment is higher as in the future the fakes might have a lot of maintenance and get damaged quickly.

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