How to Select the Right Fastener?

In various process industries, such as petrochemicals, oil, and gas selecting the right fastener for the right application is very critical.


As an example, a bolt used for connecting companion flanges, any screws used for connecting a pipe standard to a certain load-bearing wall, or the bolts and nuts used for connecting the dished ends of any reactor are all very critical to production.

Fair Wind Fasteners deals with stainless steel lag bolts and also many other types of fasteners for different applications.

Selecting the right type of fastener can also be critical to the safety of the process as well as for the plant workers. The selection of the right fastener will usually not be noticed.

However, if you end up choosing the wrong type of fastener for an application then it may cause problems like a small leak or a certain disastrous failure, which will surely be noticed. We will discuss in this post, how to select the right fastener every time.

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When you cannot use nails and also any screws will not be able to provide a durable solution to hold, then bolts can be a popular choice.

Hex bolts have threads that can be used with a certain nut or a tapped hole and have a hexagonal head. Other types of bolts comprise lag bolts, which have got a thread and a certain pointed tip and are intended for use within the wood, and carriage bolts, which have a smooth, rounded head with a small square piece underneath.


A few other popular bolts are as follows:

  • Eye bolts: These bolts have a circular ring on their head end which will be used for attaching a certain rope or a chain and then used in weight distribution while lifting.
  • J-Bolts: These bolts are used for tie-downs or also as open Eye Bolts. As their name suggests they will be in the shape of a J.
  • U-Bolt: These bolts are in the shape of a U for attaching to any piping or any other rounded surfaces, but it is also available with a square bend.
  • Sex Bolt: These bolts are perhaps the most commonly used type of required bolt, which is otherwise referred to as a Chicago bolt or a barrel nut. They have got a female thread and can be used for bolting uses, where a head is chosen on both ends of your joined fastener.
  • Elevator bolts: These bolts have a large, flat head, are often used in hanger bolts or conveyor systems, and have one end with wooden thread on one other end machine.

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Small things known as nuts are frequently secured to bolts. When used together, the two fasteners offer excellent security and high load bearing.

The strong bond that is formed when the bolts pass through the nut can endure a great deal of tension. Nuts come in a variety of sizes, and the size needed will depend on the application.

Selecting the right vendor


The right vendor must be chosen just as carefully as the right materials and serviceable fasteners. Make sure your vendor has enough experience, a reputation for producing high-quality supplies, and is prompt in responding to your requests.

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