How to Increase and Improve Customers’ Testimonials?

Customer testimonials and product reviews have an enormous impact on any business. Statistics suggest that almost 70% of customers check product and service reviews before making any purchase.

Customers’ Testimonials

This means, the power of testimonials is growing with each day, and every business needs to give it due importance.

Well, the question is –  how do you increase and improve customer testimonials? For starters, seek help from online review and reputation management companies like ReviewNinja.

They help in filtering customer reviews, and thereby won’t allow negative reviews to ruin your business. If you are a company that collects customer feedback, their services will prove to be useful for your business.

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Tips to improve customers’ review

1. Place your reviews where they get noticed

It is best if you place some positive reviews right on the homepage of your business website. This will ensure everyone visiting your website will see these reviews.

Additionally, you can even add a separate testimonial page to your website, as have its navigation button right on the home page.

2. Maintain a connection with buyers

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As soon as the purchase is made, ensure you email or SMS your customer asking for their review. It is likely, that any customer will give you a review while the purchase is still on top of their mind.

3. Inspire your customers to give you a review

While everyone is struggling to manage time in today’s life, it is necessary to inspire your customers to take some time and write you a review.

For this, take steps like sending them a thank you note or a gift card. This gesture will have a positive impact on them, and they will even know how important they are to your business.

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4. Get in touch with customers who left a positive review

Take time to appreciate the efforts and good words of a customer. Contact them via SMS or phone call, and let them know you are thankful.

5. Get in touch with customers who left a negative review

Learn about what is bothering your customers. Also, verify whether the received review is genuine or not.

6. Send a token to those who review

It is always good to receive a surprise gift, and your customers will appreciate it. Give a simple coupon of 5% off or 10% off to every customer who provides you with a review.

Also, don’t let them know about it, surprise them and they will be happier. 

7. Post positive reviews on social media platforms along with customer details

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Include the customer’s name, picture, and other details when you repost their review. This will make them feel that their review matters, as well as this, adds a sort of credibility to the review. Other customers will be motivated to see such actions.

In addition to the above-mentioned tips, ensure that leaving feedback is easier. Customers will only spend a few minutes writing a review for your product or services.

So, make it simple for them to get in touch with you.

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