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6 Common Mistakes When Installing Artificial Grass& How to Avoid Them

Installing an artificial lawn requires proper knowledge. If you want to save and do it by yourself instead of hiring professional installers, then you need to avoid the following. Be guided and make the best for your synthetic lawn.

Bumpy Surfaces

The surface of your lawn must be smoothly flattened and there must be no bumpy because since it will ruin the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. So, make sure that the area is well-prepared and you have removed any substances that are hazardous. There’s no use buying quality synthetic grass Sydney from Australian Synthetic Lawns if you don’t rid your lawn of bumpy surfaces.

Installing Artificial

Absence of Weed Barrier

It is true that weeds cannot damage your artificial lawn, however, it is still needed to have a weed barrier since some areas are prone to weeds. There could be instances where some weeds may grow through your turf and you do not have any choice but to remove those. To be sure enough and save yourself from any additional maintenance, install a barrier for weeds to be sure enough.

Poor Drainage

Take note that cleaning is very essential in order to maintain the fresh look and radiance of your artificial lawn. And, it will make your lawn appear like a pond if its drainage is very poor. There must be enough space for the water to pass through in order to avoid the formation of water. So, make sure that you have installed a deep base as the perfect foundation for your drainage system.

Installing Artificial Grass

Uneven Joins

Your artificial lawn will be poorly installed by having uneven joins. You can repair it but it will be too difficult and expensive. So, make it perfect and use your time wisely. The appearance of the lawn will be greatly affected by how the connections are done. If you wanted a majestic and great turf you must avoid having uneven joins and you need to polish everything.

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Edges that are not secure

The edges of the lawn must be secured to avoid wearing and twisting up that may cause more problems. Your artificial lawn will look uninviting and not safe for traffic if it is not secure. For sure, its life and purpose will not long last. You really need to assure that it is well-locked and all the sides are safe and protected.

Artificial Grass

Cheap Synthetic lawn

Do not base on the price when deciding to purchase a synthetic lawn. Look for quality, design, color, texture, and size to meet your purpose. You can have turf at a very reasonable price but do not forget to choose well.  Synthetic grass with good quality is a good investment that will surely please you.

Do not settle for less and make your artificial lawn a good one. Make it worth it and satisfy yourself! Just remember the ideas above and do not ever repeat the same mistake. If you’re a resident of Sydney and you need artificial grass, get a FREE measure quote of fake turf from Australian Synthetic Lawns to get started on your lawn improvement project.

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