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It Is Important to Know How Your Application for Council House Is Assessed

When you are applying for a council house then your health assessment is one of the important criteria that will decide the priority of your application.


This health assessment report is going to help to understand what are the health concerns that need suitable housing.

NowMedical is responsible for advising more than 150 local organizations, authorities, and housing associations all across the UK regarding the health condition of the applicant.

You must enclose the following details along with your application form:

  • The reference number of your housing application
  • Complete details about your current medical condition or disability
  • Complete details about any treatment that you may be receiving like medications, etc.
  • The contact details of your doctor
  • To support your application, any relevant document necessary which can be electronic or scanned copies so that you can upload your documents online
  • You must also describe how your present medical condition or your disabilities affect your present housing situation.

Medical priority bands

You must be aware of different priority bands that are given based on your current medical condition. At present, there are 4 different bands such as bands A, B, C, and D. Band A has got the highest priority.

Application Image

1. Band A- comes under emergency medical need

An applicant may get Band A status in case any member of his household, which includes one or more people is now facing a life-threatening disease or disability. Also, his housing situation is seriously impacting their health.

2. Band B – comes under urgent medical need

An applicant will get Band B status in case a minimum of one member of the household has got a certain serious illness or handicap. Also, their present living situation is significantly impairing their health, and moving is advised to enhance their health.

3. Band C – comes for those applicants with less urgent medical need

If one or more members of your household have a moderate illness or handicap situation that is negatively impacted by your living situation and when moving is advised to enhance the person’s health, the person will be given Band C status.

4. Band D – when there is no medical need

The applicant will receive a B and D rating in case he has a certain disease or handicap that may be improved by rehousing, but their present living situation is not so serious or significantly affect his health or functional abilities.

Submit your medical documents online

You can upload electronic or scanned copies of any papers you feel are very relevant while completing the online evaluation form. You need not ask for a letter of support from your medical advisor or the hospital.

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The Medical Assessment Officer will get in touch with your doctor immediately if they will ever need more details.

Final word

Your Medical Assessment Officer’s decision will be informed to you in writing. In case you have any grievance against the decision then you are free to ask for a review. You must send your review request within 21 days after receiving your decision letter.

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