How to Use LED Video Displays for Creating the Compelling Customer Experiences

LED displays

If you want to make a successful video display then you must choose the right LED video display. While selecting your digital display there are several factors to be taken into account and in this post, we are going to discuss them briefly.

You can promote your company through your display

promote your company through your display

As per the survey data available with us, about 68 percent of the consumers feel that your signage is directly responsible for creating a perception about the company’s products and services.

Therefore, these days, people prefer to go for LED screen hire during any trade show or exhibition to promote their companies before their prospects. With just 7 seconds of the display, you can make a lot of difference. Dynamo LED Displays is one of the reputed LED display manufacturing companies based in the UK and Dubai is offering various display products of premium quality at an affordable price.

How your content to be displayed?

You can promote your company through your display

Let us offer you another example to show why content is going to be the king. The effects that any LED controller can offer to your digital display will be best suited for your video wall.

Generally, you will find that there are 2 types of methods used for displaying your contents on any LED video walls because of the standard as well as the non-standard aspect ratios available, and also pixel pitches can be easily allowed with direct-view LED display.

Pixel for pixel

If you prefer pixel for pixel then it will offer the best quality image, on the other hand, scaled content may experience different visual experiences. In case you prefer your content to be pixel for pixel, then your controller specifications also should match with the resolution of your source resolution.

However, that will depend on the LED display size and also the number of source feeds that might require for multiple controllers.

In the case of much bigger LED displays, where your pixel counts can be much larger than any standard resolutions, then video segments or splicing multiple images together at any standard resolutions can also produce a final image of very high quality on your LED display.

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Splicing will need a content playback engine, which can create a suitable layout that is almost the same size as that of the display and also splice that is going to layout into several segments of any standard resolution outputs to your individual controllers.



If your LED wall resolutions are very close to your standard resolutions, or you may stick with a certain standard resolution and also a LED display of non-standard aspect ratio, then scaling is going to be the easiest, and also the most cost-effective option.

By scaling and cropping your content to properly fit into your LED may create a few other considerations e.g. image quality degradation and also placement of a few important data within the visible areas of your display in case your LED has a non-standard aspect ratio.

By visiting the social network sites like YouTube, you can get many more ideas of using video display for creating an impressive visual display.

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