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How To Score The Best Worldwide Medical Insurance Coverage In Hong Kong

Investing in healthcare insurances is one of the wisest decisions one could do in his lifetime. Health is essential in carrying out activities. A healthy individual can provide better means to sustain the needs of his family. Make your health one of your top priorities.

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In the corporate world, some companies include medical insurances in the benefits of the employee. The payment for the plan is deducted from their salary. It’s a good thing, isn’t it? You are working hard to secure insurance that can help you in the future. When your health begins to deteriorate, at least you have your medical insurance as a backup to lessen the cost of healthcare.

In Hong Kong, Cigna is offering worldwide medical insurance coverage for you. Listed below are the advantages of the said plan.

Advantages of Cigna Plus Medical Plan

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Hospitalization and Surgery Benefits
You can accumulate a total of $1M HKD to cover your hospitalization or surgery bills with this plan.

Variety of Choices Designed for You
You can select different options to pay for your insurance; the costs are ranging from $30,000 to $200,00 HKD.

Lifetime Renewal

Annually, you are given a chance to renew your plan without additional conditions.

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Fixed Premium Benefits

The benefits you will get upon securing the plan is set and will not be changed regardless of policyholder’s status.

Usage Globally

Wherever you are in this world, you are free to use this insurance to cover your medical needs. You must make sure that your plan is updated, so you can always be protected.

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Things to Remember

There are also other insurances that are suitable for you. Look for the company that can offer you the best worldwide medical insurance coverage. Having an illness is costly, so medical insurance is a must.

If you are fond of traveling, the insurance that you should get can cover your healthcare expenses wherever you are. You’ll never know if accidents might happen while you’re away from your country. It is better to keep yourself secure.

Design your insurance according to your budget. Do not settle for plans that have lower costs but a reduced number of benefits. Collect information and compare the advantages of different plans. Once you have planned to enroll in insurance, contact a company, and they will provide your needs.


With insurances, you can sleep soundly. No matter what will happen, you know that there is something to cover you. Emergencies might happen anytime, so you should invest in insurance as soon as you can to avoid long waiting periods. Regardless of your age or your status, prioritizing your future is the right thing to do. Do not wait for tomorrow; you can choose insurance deals that will get you as early as now.

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So, what coverage should you choose? Cigna Plus Medical Plan is the best insurance you can secure for you and insurance before it’s too late. While you are still working, make sure that you are paying for your coverages.

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