Everything That You Need to Know About Collaborative Divorce

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When we talk about collaborative divorce between you and your spouse, you will need to know exactly what it means and how to go about it entirely. This is namely an “interest-based negotiation” for which you would require an experienced Collaborative divorce attorney who will help you work through the issues.

Earlier the divorce process was only about legally dissolving a marriage, dividing community property, and setting up family support obligations. But recently, these lawyers have come up with this Collaborative Family Law Act, which enables a family for a non-adversarial solution in this particular area.

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About Collaborative Divorce

  • This is a very private and confidential process. Unlike a traditional divorce procedure, this process will each of you to have a private conversation with your attorney and discuss with him your strategy to accomplish your goals. Here the entire procedure is done privately in the lawyer’s office rather than in the courtroom. In this case, there will be no harm caused to your relationship with each other and no people outside the community need to know about it.
  • It is a settlement process that helps not the couples, but also their families to come to a solution and create an emotionally safe environment for the parties. Though the marriage is ending here, the partners will get a chance to maintain the relationships and obligations, especially when they got children involved.
  • It makes the clients more comfortable and satisfied to negotiate the issues as it is an out-of-court settlement
  • Here they can work as per the partner’s time convenience or schedule.
  • This process is a very cost effective and efficient process.

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How do you know if collaborative law is right for you?

It totally depends on how much you trust your soon-to-be-ex-spouse. Especially when you got children who are going to be affected by this process.

There are circumstances when the husband and wife don’t want to live together but can trust each other on personal and financial terms both. So, if there is a domestic violence-like case, because of which you both are getting separated then collaborative divorce will not be advisable as you both need to sit in one room in an unsecured location.

Collaborative divorce is for people who can trust each other and are open to each other even when it comes to financial terms. You need to readily agree to disclose all your items voluntarily. Even when it comes to kids, you both can involve in playing your roles in their life without any hassle created by the other partner.

What is the procedure?

Here the collaborative divorce attorney will first file a collaborative law notice. Here during the notice, both the lawyers and the spouse will fully commit to this collaborative process. Here each spouse will meet monthly to discuss the case. Any kind of costs involved will be divided amongst each other.

Do contact your nearest best lawyer in case you want to apply for a collaborative divorce.

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