Check Out What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Car Carrier

In any way, transporting a car from one place to another place is a nerve-wracking process. You start feeling anxious the moment you hand over your car keys to a stranger. The only thing you wish for is to get back your car safe and sound to your new address.


When you plan to get your car shipped, you have to think about a lot of things. A reliable car carrier like Ship A Car, Inc. can make you feel at ease. They handle the car shipment work within or outside the US. You can visit their webpage to learn about the way they handle their work of automobile shipment.

Before you opt for a car carrier, you need to know everything about car transportation. Start with the list of myths below.

The myths about car transportation

  •   You will pay less if you go for the depot to depot transportation instead of door to door transportation.
  •   Self-dealing with car carriers is ideal than having a broker to deal with the company.
  •   Distance is the sole factor in determining car transportation costs.
  •   Car transportation takes more than driving the car yourself.


After knowing the myths regarding car transportation, it’s time to check what you should look for in a car carrier.

What to look for in a car carrier?

With the availability of various car carrier companies, people find it tricky to choose one for their vehicle. After home, cars are a precious possession for many people. Consider these few things when you are looking for a car transporter.

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Does the car transporter have a license?

A license is a must for a car transporter. People take this information for granted, but don’t do this. You will not face any problem in the case of intrastate moves. But it can delay the delivery of your vehicle if you are moving to a different state.

Does the car carrier offer insurance?


When it comes to insurance, many car carrier companies fail to tell you about it. Sometimes, they trick you into accepting a quote too good to be true. If the company mentions only your standard car insurance, then it is suspicious. Before you decide about the car carrier company, make sure you ask about some form of insurance and confirm everything regarding the insurance policy with a car transport quote.

Does the car carrier offer on-time delivery?

The truth is, mostly car transporters promise to deliver your vehicle in a specific time frame. They never guarantee a delivery date for your car. You should make sure you understand what they are committing to and ask them for a written promise. If you fail to get the written assurance, you will not know when they deliver your car.

At the same time, you will end up paying for storage charges in case of damage during transportation.

What to do in case of car damage in transportation?


You have to prepare yourself from the time you go for car transportation. Do not forget to do your part of the research thoroughly before you hire a car carrier. Click pictures from every angle and inspect your car thoroughly before handing it to the transporter. Check your vehicle comprehensively when your vehicle arrives.

Click the picture of the damage just like you did before shipping it. Inform the car transportation company, along with providing them all the relevant reports and costs.

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