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Information On the Needleless Thread and The HIFU Effect

The 無針埋線 procedure has become very famous nowadays because of the benefits it offers. However, before you consider it, it is very important that you understand the drawbacks of the same. So, here in this article, we are going to talk about this procedure

Needleless Thread

Firstly, we need to know that this procedure is not an imaging technology, which means that a clinician will not be able to see the layers of the skin that needs to be treated as well as the way these beams are going to affect the skin.

Therefore, this Hifu treatment is called a blind method. Retens is one such clinic that provides an intensive needleless embedding called as Rose V line

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About the Procedure

Needless Threading method uses the polydioxanone (PDO) threads. In this procedure, a special serum is used that breaks down the thread into molecular form. This treatment also has a double nanosphere technology that will allow all the active ingredients to enter the skin. That is the reason this procedure is safe and can give you good results



As we said that the threads are made of polydioxanone, which can be useful for restoring youthful volume in those wrinkled areas. They also help in collagen production in the treated area which can show you immediate results. It is a quick procedure that is affordable too. The hifu 效果is a temporary procedure and it will not need any downtime.

But the results can last for a longer period (i.e., few months).

When it comes to safety, this method is safe and minimally invasive. It is painless and can be targeted to specific areas of the face like the jaw, neck, and eyelids. It can also remove the stubborn fat present on the neck and the face. It can also lower wrinkles and make your skin glow.


The 無針埋線效果has no to fewer side effects, but the patient will have to avoid exposure to sunlight for at least a week. This treatment will make your skin look tighter and you will be able to see the results within a few months.

Before and after the treatment care

Remember that tanned skin cannot be treated with HIFU. Also, chemicals should be avoided before the treatment. Avoid antibiotics or any other medications some weeks before the procedure. Because things like antibiotics can make your skin light-sensitive. Clients need to take care that they need not have cold sores before the treatment as it will cause fever after the treatment.

On the day of the treatment, clients need to avoid wearing any make-up and moisturizer. Also, as many have fear about this treatment, clients can take anti-anxiety medications before the treatment.

Thread and The HIFU Effect

After the treatment is done, clients need to avoid exposure to the sun and also the consumption of alcohol. You have to keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough amount of water and also avoid taking hot showers.

Aftercare is as important as the treatment itself. It can change your life forever. So, you need to take aftercare treatment seriously.

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