Never Ignore the Following Essential Steps While Hiring New Employees

Never Ignore the Following Essential Steps While Hiring New Employees 1

Recruiting top talent is getting competitive because businesses are growing rapidly. Resources are insufficient and top talent demand is out of the roof. Evaluating a right fit for your business culture is hard, so it becomes necessary to do things right like using a reliable applicant tracking software [ATS] and creating a solid recruitment strategy.

In the recruitment process there are application reviews of the open positions, shortlist potential candidates and schedule interviews, use testing tools and make hiring decisions. Some different pre-recruitment tests and checks are labor-intensive. An application tracking system like Recrout will help to ease the HR as many associated tasks are eliminated.

  • Publish job on several public and 3rd party job boards.
  • Enable candidates quickly and easily submit a job application, which helps to increase qualified candidates’ number for the position.
  • Manage candidates in a single place.
  • Identify suitable candidates using pre-screener questions and knock the unqualified ones. Prioritize a suitable candidate that allows the interviewer to concentrate on the talented pool without wasting time.
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • Management is updated about candidate pipelines while staying in EEO/OFCCP compliance.

Never Ignore the Following Essential Steps While Hiring New Employees 2

The benefits of a solid ATS are beyond all these. Give it a try! After the ATS shortlisted, the applicant’s list you will need to evaluate the candidate. Never overlook the essential recruitment steps.

  • Conduct pre-employment skill tests and schedule interviews. A face-to-face interview is helpful because even if you know that the candidate is suitable for the position, you need to find out if he/she will fit in your company’s work style and culture.
  • Background checks mean you already zeroed on a candidate. However, this step needs due diligence as it decreases the risk of hiring a person who can damage your business reputation. Verify their academic credentials, prior employment details, reference checks, internet search [social platform], criminal background, and even drug screening.
  • After you are satisfied with the background check, it is time to mail the job offer. Everything has to be in writing the role when it starts, designation, and salary. It will also outline the probationary period, work hours, leave & vacation terms, whom to report, how their performance is reviewed, the terminating process, any need to sign a non-disclosure, and the last date for the applicant’s response.
  • Be innovative with compensations and rewards in a job offer. It helps to attract competent applicants as well as keeps costs low. For example, performance-based bonuses, innovative work setup like flexible office hours & telecommuting, days off, perks like gym memberships, or company discounts.
  • Discuss job accommodations after making the job offer, especially to candidates requesting special needs like religious practices, disability, and caregiving responsibilities. Find out what the legal needs to accommodate employee needs are in your jurisdiction.
  • File the employee’s basic employment details as those hours worked and earnings. You will even need their social insurance number, address, and other details for records and payroll tax purposes.

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Never Ignore the Following Essential Steps While Hiring New Employees 3

The recruiting process is time-consuming but with a reliable ATS program, you can reduce the manual workload. Follow Recrout on LinkedIn or Facebook to stay updated about the advancement in the recruitment process, so you can leverage it.

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