Top Tips on Packing for your Ski Holiday

Why is packing difficult? Okay, maybe isn’t the right word – inconvenient? Regardless of your choice of holiday that you are heading off to, it always seems so difficult to pack just the essentials. There are a fair few of who us who over-pack and there are even more of us who always forgets that one essential item. Well, here we hope to provide you with the top tips on packing for your ski holiday; however, regardless of whether you are looking for skiing holidays in Val Thorens or a beach holiday in Benidorm, we are sure to help you pack better!

Ski Holiday

Table of Contents

Break your skiing holiday packing down into four main categories:

  • Ski and snowboard gear
  • Ski and snowboard equipment
  • Clothing
  • Accessories/Extras

This breakdown into categories is sure to help you think of the packing process as a significantly less daunting experience, and also allows you to keep specific items together for a less stressful and messy unpacking experience. Below is a breakdown of the items most commonly found in each of the following categories:

Ski & Snowboard Gear

Ski & Snowboard Gear

Ski Jacket – A waterproof ski or snowboarding jacket is an absolutely essential item.

Ski Trousers – The same can be said about ski or snowboarding trousers.

Ski Gloves or Mittens – The type and style of gloves you choose are down to your personal preference, but make sure they are high-quality regardless. The last thing you need is freezing cold hands during your skiing holiday.

Hat – A think hat that can fit snugly under your helmet is the best idea.

Neck Warmer – From thin cotton to thick fleece, your choice of neck warmers is rather broad, just make sure you know how cold it is going to be during your holiday.

Goggles – There are a fair few types of ski goggles, with some having polarised lenses, but it mostly comes down to style and how comfortable they are.

Sunglasses – When you stop skiing and take a break, you’ll be glad you packed your sunglasses. The sun can get rather strong up in the mountains so make sure you have sufficient eye protection.

Ski & Snowboard Equipment

Ski & Snowboard Equipment

If you are renting your gear from your ski resort, then there is a lot of this checklist that you can skip. However, we deem it advisable to run through it just to be sure, as it is better to be safe than sorry.

  • Skis or Snowboard
  • Ski/Snowboard Boots
  • Ski Poles
  • Helmet
  • Avalanche Kit (if you are skiing off-piste)
  • Ski Lock


Ski Holiday

Wearing multiple layers during your ski holiday is absolutely essential. So bear that in mind whilst you are packing your suitcase. Below is a list of essential clothing items:

Ski Socks – Wool is a fantastic material for air wicking and almost always comes as a thick pair for warmth.

Thermals – Fitting base layers are the best option.

Mid-Layers – Fleece or down to go on top of your base layers.

Socks & Pants

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PJ’s & Slippers

Jeans, Shirts & Jumpers – There will definitely be a need for ‘normal’ clothing during your evening dinners and bar visits.

Hats & Gloves – None-skiing hats and gloves are essential items for your evening strolls and activation.

Snow Boots – For those fond of a high heel, just leave them at home. Pack your snow boots and thank us later when you haven’t fallen over.

Swimwear – There is sure to be a hot tub or indoor swimming pool somewhere in your ski resort, so don’t forget to pack your swimwear.


Ski Holiday

Flask/Water Bottle – It is so important to have water on you at all times when exercising. As fun as skiing or snowboarding is, it is still exercised, so be sure to have a flask or water bottle on hand to hydrate yourself with.

Hand Warmers – Hand warmers are a great way to provide your cold hands with some well-deserved warmth after time on the slopes.

Rucksack – A rucksack will be an essential item should you be venturing off-piste with an avalanche kit. It will also come in handy to have so you can carry snacks, water, or to carry an extra layer.

Tissues – Runny noses out on the slopes is inevitable.

Plugs & Adapters – There is always one person who forgets their plug, charger, or adapter. You could be the life-saver by bringing all of the relevant adapters for phones, laptops, and tablets.

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