Beginners Guide On How To Plan And Implement PPC management Effectively

PPC management

PPC or pay per click is a digital marketing paid strategy. The PPC management process is designed to handle the PPC campaign and budget. It is crucial because being proactive allows your business to make data-driven decisions strategically to enhance PPC performance and ROI.

PPC management can be performed in-house or even outsourced to a reliable agency. The experts at Active Marketing, a reliable PPC management service take care of –

  • Keyword research
  • Choose target channels
  • Monitor PPC performance and effectiveness
  • Perform competition analysis
  • Optimize campaign structure to maximize ROI
  • Consistent A/B testing of landing pages and new ads

Beginners can hire professionals as they are new to the PPC arena or lack in-house managers.

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How to effectively plan and implement PPC management?

Set data-driven realistic goals

PPC management

Have a clear roadmap right from the start. Get familiar with the metrics like –

  • LTV – Customer Lifetime Value
  • CAC – Customer Acquisition Cost
  • ROI – Return On Investment
  • ROAS – Return on Ad Spend
  • Product margins
  • Average deal size

Choose business metrics suitable to your goals and use them as a benchmark for PPC management success. Get familiar with how each metric affects one another. Be realistic about your goals or what you expect from the PPC campaign.

The possible goals can be –

  • Increase sales
  • Generate more leads
  • Create brand awareness

With realistic goals, you can design the campaign and identify keywords.

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PPC management

PPC structure

While planning PPC campaigns Google can offer insights but interests are not the same. Insights are helpful but never follow blindly. After going through the initial arrangement, you can start optimizing and structuring the ads for maximum clicks.

The elements to consider are –

  • Keywords
  • Ad groups
  • Ad copy
  • Ad extensions
  • Landing pages
  • Analytics

Perform keyword research and choose the ones that make the most sense for your business.

Never fear early budget burns 

Marketing is a game of trial and error. It will not be a hit all the time until there is some data available to work with. When you set PPC campaigns, there will be a need to burn cash and see what is workable. Never fear because the moment you get things right the burned cash can be earned again with positive ROI.

PPC management

In the first four weeks cast the net wide to check the market waters. You will collect some data over this period. It will help you plan a long-term strategy including the keywords, ad copy, and landing page to stake on.

Consistently track, analyze and optimize PPC campaign to amplify the results

With a solid long-term PPC strategy, it is optimization time for enduring success. It can be done by expanding the strategy via adding new target keywords, ad groups, new campaigns, and A/B tests on existing assets for a performance boost. Optimize and test each stage of the PPC process for maximizing success. If an experiment is a success then consider this a permanent change and repeat the process.

PPC management is not a magic wand but a strategic initiative. Use available data and the one that you collect down the road to consistently amplify your ROI.

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