Planning to do Silk Fabrics Shopping – Some Things to Know First

Although there are many fabrics to choose one of the most preferred materials is silk. Wearing clothes made with silk as the basic fabric represented elegance and class in the olden days. The popularity of the material has made the designers use silk fabric in many aspects such as designing the bedspreads, curtains, and so on.


Purchasing silk is not an easy task. Not everything that is tagged as silk is a genuine silk material. If you are planning to buy silk fabric and are not sure about how to look for genuine material, then you can just visit the webpage of Sano Silk. They are the expert dealers of silk fabrics and can help you with purchasing the best quality silk fabric. Visit their webpage to know more.

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Why Silk Fabric?


Here are some of the reasons that have made silk fabric the most opted one by both men and women for their clothing.

  • Skin wrinkling or even drying is not possible when you wear silk fabric clothing.
  • The fabric will make you feel good every time you wear them.
  • The exquisite texture of the fabric makes it an ideal choice for almost all occasions.
  • Silk fabric is known as a hypoallergenic material and hence will not cause any sense of itching or irritation in people with sensitive skin.
  • Silk sheets are ideal for enjoying better sleep during night times.
  • Maintenance and hand wash are easy because of the fabric.
  • Silk fabric is suitable for all kinds of seasons and you can wear them throughout the year.

Purchasing Silk Fabric


Finding genuine silk satin fabric is not an easy task. The first-timers will find it difficult to choose the best quality silk fabric. Hence, here are some tips to find the best quality silk.

·        Look for the Texture

Pure silk cannot be easily frayed, and this factor makes it easier for the tailors to stitch anything from the fabric without any issue. This is not the case with the poly fabric blend.

·        Price should be Realistic

Pure silk material will be quite costly when compared with the other fabrics. However, all costly materials need not be pure silk fabric. Hence, you must examine the quality of the silk before the purchase.

·        The drape of the Bias

While choosing to go with the purchase of the silk fabric wholesale quantities, it is suggested to check the drape of the bias. Only the silk drape will sit perfectly while stitching anything with frills, unlike synthetic fabrics.

·        Examine the Quality

Handmade silk is the best choice when compared to the other options. The machine-made silk will not have the same texture as that of the handmade silk.

·        Know about the Types of Silk

Before planning to purchase the silk fabric online, it is suggested to know about the different kinds of silk materials that are available for you. They are duppoini, mulberry, charmeuse, habotai, and tussah.

blue silk

The last and the best way of finding genuine silk fabric is by pulling a thread from the fabric and burning it. It will give out the same smell as the burning of human hair and the thread will be turned to ash after burning.

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