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PRP Method is Used by Dermatologists for Skin Rejuvenation Method

Platelet-rich-plasma PRP is a growth factor concentrated solution that is obtained by isolating plasma from your blood through a centrifuge machine. This powerful platelet-rich plasma helps in healing injuries, tissues, muscles, and growth of skin, cells, and organs. Injecting PRP helps the body to develop new healthy cells, which help in the quick healing process.


What is PRP?

We all have blood platelets. After every blood test, we get a blood report where our blood platelet count is mentioned. These platelets are available in our blood cells and through the PRP method, these platelets are separated from blood and plasma. PRP is a three-step procedure that is involved with the platelets in the blood.

The process includes

  • Drawing blood from your arm.
  • The blood sample is filled in a tube, which is placed in the centrifuge machine that separates platelets from the rest of the blood sample.
  • The yellow composition of platelets is injected into your body because it is the only part of your blood that contains a high concentration of platelets without any other component.


Plasmolifting is a fast-growing company that has created huge distribution channels in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. They also provide training with PRP courses to health professionals with varieties of modules that describe PRP protocols and PRP treatment-related training. They make plasma injections, gel tubes, and sample tubes.

PRP is used for various reasons –

  • PRP is injected into the scalp to increase hair growth and reduce hair loss. It is quite effective in male baldness patterns.
  • Dermatologists also use PRP for the skin rejuvenation process. PRP is injected into the skin through micro-needling which gradually improves the color, texture, and tone of the skin. It is also helpful in treating acne and scars.

PRP and Dermatology

  • Various clinical studies have reported that PRP alone can help in fat grafting for facial rejuvenation, androgenic alopecia, or acne scarring. These clinical studies have shown positive results in all kinds of situations.
  • Another study has shown that both microneedling and microinjection of PRP for melasma management have shown significant improvement in skin discoloration.
  • The PRP treatment has also shown great improvement in at least 40 patients suffering from post-acne scars.


PRP may sound like something related to surgery or severe medical treatment, but patients who have taken the PRP method have found positive results in –

  • Reduction in wrinkles
  • Plump up sagging skin
  • Production in deep creases
  • Improvement in complexion
  • Reduction in acne scars

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The results may appear in few weeks or maybe months, depending upon the severity of skin condition and baldness. Most dermatologists claim that their patients undergoing the PRP method have shown results in a maximum of 3 seating. So, you will have to visit the clinic minimum of three times, but this can also increase. Some dermatologists also use fillers with PRP to provide immediate results to patients.


You may experience a bit of pain or bruising because PRP treatment involves micro-needling and microinjections. You can always discuss your medical conditions with your Dermatologist before getting into any new treatment.

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