Reasons Why You Need to Make Your Next Trip to Tuscany in Italy

Reasons Why You Need to Make Your Next Trip to Tuscany in Italy 2

Tuscany is said to be a leading place to visit at least once in a lifetime. It is also a place that is unforgettable and can leave a mark in your memory forever. It has all the beautiful places to visit like the capital city of Florence, rolling landscapes, Mediterranean climate, and charming hilltop towns. This can be a good reason that you would want to make Tuscany your next vacation destination.

Apart from all this, Tuscany wines are something you cannot miss. There are many different varieties that you can try during your wine tours in Tuscany Italy. If you are planning for one, then just get in contact with Italy Luxury tours which is one of the leading providers for any luxurious and exclusive travel experiences. They have the North America IATA and CLIA certified.

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Reasons Why You Need to Make Your Next Trip to Tuscany in Italy 4

Let us look more into the reasons why Tuscany can be the best place to visit:

  1. Florence: This is said to be a treasured city for art. There are many famous artists here like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Botticelli, whose works are still be seen here in Florence. There is Duomo, the star attraction of Florence where guides can take you for a tour and let you view the beautiful city of Florence. You can also have a walking tour here to understand more about the city.
  2. Food: For all the foodies around, you can get the best of pasta, soups, and meat dishes that leaves your mouth watering. The Tuscan food is made with all the local ingredients like tomatoes, bread, and tasty pork. The most famous one Gelato was also invented here in Tuscan.
  3. Tuscan Wine: As Tuscan is said to be a wine region, there are several wine regions and subregions that you can see here, with each of them famous for the climate, grapes, and traditions.

The three best wineries here are:

    • Antinori Chianti Classico: This belongs to the Antinori family that are in this business since 1385. Their most famous bottles include Tignanello and Solaia.
    • Castello di Ama: This was a 12th-century old castle that was renovated by Lorenzo Sebasti and Marco Pallanti. This company makes some fantastic wines like the Haiku Chianti Classico.
    • Col d’Orcia: This is located in the Montalcino area. This is one of the largest wineries in this town and the best one too here in Tuscany. People traveling here would not want to miss the opportunity to visit this place.
  1. Adventure: Apart from art, food, and wines, Tuscany does have an adventurous side too. Hiking in the mountains is one such adventure you can plan for. You can rent a Vespa and take a trip to the countryside of the place. Other adventures include scuba diving, hot air balloon ride and paragliding are all the adventures that you wouldn’t want to miss.
  2. History: Tuscany does have a fascinating history that would interest all of us. This includes people living in the bronze age, the iron age, Roman rule, and many more.

The list is never-ending. On your journey to Tuscany, many things will live with you for a lifetime.

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