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What Are the Safest Places in Canada to Raise Kids?

Life seems to be getting scarier and out of control as we move forward in time, so it’s no surprise that many parents are seeking places to live where they don’t have to worry about the safety of their children.


These are the safest places in Canada to raise kids: and why safety is of key importance.

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Why Safety Matters

Many parents love to talk about how when they were kids, they could walk to the park on their own and be free to do whatever they wanted until the sun started setting.  Unfortunately, times are different, and most communities don’t watch out for one another in the same way they used to.

The world has become frightening to many, with random acts of violence, global pandemics, and the ease of access we all get through the internet.  We all deserve safety and the comfort that comes with that: especially when raising kids.  There are enough stresses when you’re raising a child; this doesn’t need to be another one.

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Halton, Ontario

If you’re ready for a fresh start with a lot of security, it’s time to take a look at Halton real estate.  Halton is a smaller city less than an hour outside of Toronto.  Offering a wonderful mix between big city and small town living, families here enjoy the secure and safe feeling they have here while also getting to have easy access to any entertainment and fun they could want.

Calgary, Alberta


Known for its booming job market and incredible history, Calgary is another city that’s full of options for people looking to move somewhere safe and family-oriented.  In the summer, you can introduce your kids to the Calgary Stampede and its long history, and in the winter, you can take trips to the slopes in Banff.  This is an amazing place to raise a family.

Victoria, British Columbia

If you want your kids to have a safer and more laid-back life as you raise them, you could consider moving them to Victoria, British Columbia.  Victoria is a smaller artsy town that feels like a small fraction of Seattle cracked off and floated away.  With an artsy population and a strong activism culture, there’s nowhere safer for a family who wants to raise open-minded but safe children.

Is it Worth Moving for Safety?

Safety is best defined by the community you live in.  Although you might live in a neighborhood that’s deemed unsafe: if you’re in a tight-knit enough community, your child might be safer than some of the kids in these other cities.  The most important thing you can do for your kids’ safety is to talk to them about the world, tell them how to be safe, and give them the language to communicate when they feel unsafe or endangered.  

If you want to move to feel safe: it’s awesome that you’re willing to make such a change to protect your family.  Take your time ensuring the move is a smooth transition for everyone.

Consider Moving to A Safer Home for Your Children


If these cities sound like a siren song to your wary ears: it could be time to move.  Consider checking out one of these safe havens soon!

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