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Silicium – The Essential Nutrient for Controlling Dry Hair and Locking Moisture

You might be one of many people who suffer from dry, lifeless hair, brittle nails, and dull skin tone. These external symptoms indicate what is going on inside our bodies. If you are lacking some essential nutrients that you need for supporting your hair, skin, and nails, the effect can be all too obvious.

One such essential nutrient is silicium which is very much needed for strong, shiny hair, nails, and radiant skin. Silicium is present in huge quantities in small children and this is why they have good hair, nails, and soft skin. As we age, this essential mineral gets flushed out of our bodies and it starts affecting our hair, skin, and nails.

Intake of calcium supplement

Intake of silicium supplement

This is one of the main reasons why we need to take calcium supplements like Fortisil OSA capsules. These capsules are available under the brand name Fortis. They come in the patented combination of choline stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA) that enhances hair growth, strong nails, and glowing skin.

Silicium is one of the most effective ingredients that

  • Tames frizzy and dry hair.
  • Locks in moisture.
  • Adds shine to hair.
  • Helps restart the growth process of your hair.

It also creates a protective layer around the hair shaft making the hair follicles strong. This helps it to prevent further breakage.

You can buy Fortisil capsules online without a doctor’s prescription as it is a safe dietary food supplement with no side effects. However, consulting a doctor is advised if you are on medications for some health issues or disorders.

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Causes of dry hair

Causes of dry hair

Dry hair can be a result of:

  • Dry scalp: Since your hair has no natural lubricant, it relies on the oils secreted from its roots for moisturization. A dry scalp makes the hair dry and also leads to dandruff.
  • Age: Your hair makes less oil as you age. Hormonal changes due to menopause can also be the reason for dry hair.
  • Lack of protection: When the cuticles of your hair get damaged and peel away, it is not able to hold moisture which results in a dry scalp.
  • Environmental conditions: These can be dry, hot climate, frequent exposure to sun and wind, chlorinated water, or salty water.
  • Health issues: Hormonal disorders or deficiency of essential nutrients like calcium in the body.

Fortis OSA overcomes the deficiency of silicium and treats your problem of dry, frizzy, and unmanageable hair by locking in the moisture.

Benefits of silicium supplement

Fortis capsule is just fantastic for your hair as it has been clinically proven to help each hair strand of hair to grow thicker and stronger. It is because of the active compound ch-OSA that activates and protects the cells that produce collagen in your body.

This further improves the nutrient flow to the hair roots and enlarges the root itself. Your hair is made up of 97% keratin. They grow from tissue (collagen-based) present in our skin. After 21 years of age, low collagen in the scalp makes the hair roots weak resulting in thinner and weaker hair.

Taking Fortisil OSA capsules protects and replenishes your collagen and the result is thicker, luscious, shiny hair.

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