Skills Associated with All Bartender

As a bartender, you engage in mixing drinks, as well as serving them to customers. This is the typical work at bars, restaurants, and other licensed establishments. So, before you can be a bartender, there are certain skills that one must know before becoming one.

Not only must you know them but also, be able to use these skills. Employers employ bartenders based on these skills and their proficiency levels. What are these sought-after bartending skills? Read on as this article reveals them.

Skills Associated with All Bartender

Good Memory

One of the major skills you must possess before becoming a bartender is a good memory, why? As a bartender you must know your cocktails, terminologies, and also the drinks/beer list off-hand and to do this, you require good memory which would retain all this information.

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Having a good memory helps you remember customer names (the regulars) and even get familiar with knowing their favorite drinks. Customers appreciate a bartender that knows/ remembers their names and orders without even asking.

Skills Associated with All Bartender


This is a very crucial skill for a bartender. How do you get orders or reply to clients if you’re very bad at verbal communication? Employers are always in search of this skill when recruiting bartenders.

Being a good conversationalist means being a good listener and could help you get familiar with customers, knowing their names and preferred drinks. You’ll never know all this information if you never communicate well with customers at first.

Being a good conversationalist makes a great bartender. You could get good training programs on good communication at the École du Bar de Montréal.

Skills Associated with All Bartender


Are you are frowning? Or hostile? Maybe you don’t like relating to people, then the bartending job is just not for you. This is because, customers prefer a bartender that’s friendly, preferably one that always wears a smile.

A friendly bartender makes them feel more comfortable at the bar than one that’s hostile or frowns a lot. Showing kindness, even towards frustrated customers is very important in bartending.

Skills Associated with All Bartender


This is also a very valuable skill. Imagine attending to an already drunk customer who starts insulting you or misbehaving, what do you do? Slap them, throw a punch, or shout at them?

In this situation, all you need to do is to be composed as you would have been trained already on how to deal with these kinds of situations. With your composure, you may call the attention of the security to take control rather than retaliating.

Still, want to be a bartender? Make sure you have these skills before venturing further into the career.

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