Best Ways to Study Acting as A Career

If you are interested in learning the ropes of acting, the best way to grow your expertise is to consider taking acting classes or immersing yourself in various acting programs. No matter your current lifestyle there are a variety of ways to fit acting classes into your schedule. Here are a few different types of classes to consider.

Acting as A Career

Online Acting Classes

Online classes are a viable alternative for many adults who would like alternative ways to continue to study in the acting field. Typically, asynchronous in nature, online acting classes allow busy adults to continue the self-study of acting without ever leaving their home. There are numerous free online courses available in a variety of formats such as:

  • Podcasts
  • Video lessons and YouTube channels
  • Open source classes through universities and colleges
  • Independent digital courses

Because these types of classes are asynchronous they may not offer the feedback you desire as someone who wants to grow in their acting. A suggestion would be to look for courses that provide some type of feedback in addition to digital resources. Some online courses even offer live feedback through streaming video platforms using webcams. These are excellent for being able to participate in the acting process in real-time with your instructor and gain feedback from classmates as well.

Scene Study Classes

Scene Study Classes

Scene study classes allow the actor in training to perform a scene of a play while the instructor, in turn, gives suggestions for how the student may improve on their acting. This is wonderful for actors who already have some experience and would like to practice creating characters and connecting their emotions.

In order to get the most out of scene study classes, you’ll want to focus on technique, taking risks, and building up your foundational skills. Scene study can be a lot of fun and a great way to get more in-depth and intensive training with specific aspects of acting.

Improvisation Classes

Improvisation Classes

Through improv classes, you will learn ways to think creatively and stretch your limits in acting. Improv classes are high-energy, face-to-face exercises in acting that teach you to heighten your awareness, patiently listen, respond slowly, and gives you the space to succeed or fail.

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Many auditions are now requiring actors to have studied improv at some point so that you are officially ready to audition properly. Also, if you are planning to work without an agent, reputable improv training is extremely important during auditions.

Improvisation Classes

If you want a deeper experience of the material, build your actor confidence, and jump out of your head and into your soul in your acting practices, take an improv class! These classes are designed to help you overcome fears and to jump out of your headspace into what may initially feel like a scary space. However, with practice and by continuing to attend your improvisation classes, you will find yourself becoming more confident and will build on your expertise as you get better and better at honing your creativity.

These are just a few examples of types of acting programs that may be instrumental in helping you to build your acting career. Acting is a very rewarding field and if you love acting you’ll find there to be many opportunities to build your career.

Improvisation Classes

Whether you decide to take online classes, scene study, or improv classes, you are sure to strengthen your skillset as an actor!

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