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When Is the Best Time For Pest Control To Prevent Infestation?

Pest control is not something that depends on a customer’s liking. You may feel the need for pest control in summer when the weather is hot. It is not that you have to deal with pests only in summer. Some insects and rodents are more active in winter as they look for shelter in your house.

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There is nothing like the best time for pest control as it depends on when a customer needs it. You may need it in summer, or you may want to get rid of those annoying intruders in winter. There is nothing like the best time of year for pest control. Insects and rodents can bother you year long.

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The pest problem sometimes heavily depends on the characteristic of the property. For instance, if your property is near an undeveloped wooden area, you may have to face the invasion of rodents more frequently. On the other hand, if your property is closer to bayous, the problem of mosquitoes is more prominent in your house.

Here is a seasonal guide on when you should contact a pest control service provider and for what problem.

Guide for seasonal pest control


Late winter or the months of January and February is the time for a rodent invasion. By the time winter settles in, new letters of rodents are all grown up. The beautiful spring season that lasts from March to May is the time for a new beginning and the extension of the pest population. Insects and rodents emerge in search of food sources.

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Mice and rats are not the only rodents you will see at that time. You will also face the invasion of squirrels in and around your property. It is also time when you will spot various species of ants and silverfish. On the other hand, the infamous cockroach will annoy you with their presence in your kitchen and bathroom.

Fleas will make their way into your house, clothes, and children’s toys. The month between June and August, which is the early summer is the time for wasps, ants, and cockroaches to steal the peace from your house. Late summer, September and October, is when you want to get rid of the annoying sound of crickets and incredibly loud cicadas. At the same time, spiders and Yellowjackets or hornets will make their way to your house. The invasion of rodents and ants will not cease even in the late fall and early winter.

When to call for pest control?

pest control

If you are wondering when you should call a professional pest control service provider, you will have noticed a few signs. These signs include –

  • Excrement
  • Urine smell and noises
  • Nesting
  • Chewing

You should contact a professional service provider as soon as you notice these signs. At the same time, you have to use pesticides responsibly in your garden as they are harmful. It is better to use them as your last resort for infestation. The best time to use pesticides is before the rain.

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