Different Reason For The Expungement Of Criminal Record

No matter whether the charges levied on you have been dropped or you were merely arrested, criminal charges are like strokes of a permanent marker on a pen. They are very difficult to remove and leave an impression forever. This bad criminal record can lead to difficulties in the future because it is available to the public at large.

Criminal Record

Your employer, landlord, and banks are some of the institutions which have access to these records. This pattern becomes worrisome because even if the charges against you were dropped or you were just arrested and it begot no conviction, then also this bad criminal record will continue to paint your character to the world.

In such a case, the best way is to get your criminal record expunged. If you are wondering how to expunge your criminal record then we will get into that topic in the latter part of this article. Be mindful that having a good lawyer is very important to get an expungement order for your criminal record. If you are looking for a lawyer to get expungement orders quickly, then you should consult GBA firm.

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What is expungement?

It is surprising to note that a majority of people are not even aware of what expungement is. Though the definition of expungement may differ in different jurisdictions, the crux of the essence remains the same. In some places, expungement refers to the burning of the data that is available against a person, but in some other jurisdictions, it means simply sealing the data from public access.

Criminal Record

The jurisprudential essence of an expungement order is that since the person has already served his expected sentence, he must not be viewed with the same perspective and that one bad event must not be let govern his life. However, this is possible and is permitted only in those cases where the charges have been dropped or where the crime was very trivial.

There are some grave offenses like bribery, murder, and sexual crimes for which expungement orders are never available.

Process of expungement orders

The process of expungement order is dependent on what type of laws is formulated by the state because different states have different laws in place for the expungement process. It is also pertinent to mention that the expungement orders are against particular charges and not against the whole criminal process or the entire criminal record.

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The petition for expungement has to be filed before the court has the jurisdiction to hear the pleading. The petition must deal in detail with the following topics:

1- Why is the petitioner seeking an expungement order

2- What is the nature of the charges which were against the petitioner

3- What is the reason that the expungement order should be granted


Criminal Record

If you engage with a fine lawyer, then the chances of you getting the expungement orders increase significantly.

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