Tips To Be A Better Cinematographer

Cinematography is not for everyone. It is a difficult field and very difficult to get good at. Since a cinematographer is a person who has the responsibility of making the look and the texture of the movie which will play a defining role in the movie, his role played in the making of the movie gets even more critical.


It is the watchful eye of the cinematographer who oversees all the details like lighting, colour palette the placing of the props, which prop to be used and the setting of the scene. It feels like an intimidating task as there is so much to be done before the shooting gets started. There is a popular saying that cinematography is based on intuition. But this intuition comes only with practice and experience.

If you are looking for a director in the UK, then you must consider Mark Murphy who is a professional cinematographer in the UK. He is a writer and a director. He is known for his exemplary direction in For Love or Money (2019), The Comedian’s Guide to Survival (2016) and Awaiting (2015). His list of credits when it comes to movies and shows is extensive and big.

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He has also written multiple shows and movie projects. As a producer, he has produced movies like “For Love or Money” and “The Comedian’s Guide to Survival”. It is certain that your need for a director will be satisfied if you reach out to him as he is a person possessed with a passion for movie direction and equipped with the necessary skill to do it.

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Tips for better cinematography 

Better Cinematographer

Here are a few tips which will increase your skills in cinematography:

1- Less is more- when you start your journey as a cinematographer, then it is very likely that you will find yourself short of resources. You will not have the expensive equipment and it is likely that you will not have someone to invest in your project. The situation becomes worse when you are on an independent project.

However, you must not be disheartened by the state of things. You must, instead, reap the most out of the resources that are available to you at your disposal. Movie making is about telling a story and you should figure out a way to do that without focusing on the flashy visuals or intricate technical marvels.

With time, you will get the required funding and bigger projects. In those projects too, the skills that you have honed while working in want of resources will come handy as you will regularly deal with some issues the solution of which will bring your initial days to your mind.

2- Make the best of the resources that are available to you- ask any seasoned and celebrated cinematographer and he will tell you that you can make an exceptionally good film if you use the limited resources well. You would not get projects because of any particular technique but you will get the projects only when your work reflects your familiarity with the craft.

New Cinematographer


An important part of being good at what you do is to be well-versed and utilize all that you have at your disposal. It is only then that you can level up.

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