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Tips to Make Your Home Cleaner

If you’re interested in finding help with a specific cleaning issue, like removing a coffee stain from your carpet, many articles online can help. However, you might not be able to find general cleaning tips all neatly packed in one location that’s only a click away.

My goal was to improve my cleaning effort and perform more effectively while maintaining a high level of quality, so I asked My American Maid, a cleaning industry pro, for assistance.

Cleaning a Gritty Oven

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Even if you don’t clean the oven often, it still works. Still, you shouldn’t ignore it just because you rarely investigate the inside of the oven. Regular cleaning and maintenance are a must. An unattended layer of grease smells bad when heated and creates ideal conditions for bacteria growth, which can adversely affect the performance of your oven.

Cleaning the oven is not that challenging, fortunately. You can dissolve the dishwasher tablet in water and then apply it to the parts of the oven you wish to clean and let it react for a few minutes before wiping. Use a damp cloth or towel to wipe the oven clean after using the cleaning product.

How to Clean a Microwave Oven

Your microwave also needs some attention now that your main oven has been cleaned. Just like any other appliance in your home, the microwave should be cleaned regularly. Most people consider the microwave a convenience used only for reheating food, and they rarely make a habit of cleaning it regularly.

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clean your windows

Nonetheless, the microwave should be cleaned for the same reasons as the oven. The best way to do it is to mix vinegar and water in a microwave-safe bowl and let it sit for a while to dissolve the nasty stains. However, most people cannot tolerate the smell of vinegar and don’t want their food to smell like vinegar when it comes out of the microwave.

Lemon can be substituted for vinegar if you prefer. Despite having the same acidity as vinegar, lemons have a nicer smell that most people find more appealing. The process of cleaning remains the same. Combine water and lemon juice for a few minutes while the microwave is on. A damp cloth or paper towel is all that is necessary to clean it off.

How to Properly Clean Your Windows

Some cleaning tasks may seem overwhelming just because they are large. Due to the sheer size of the surface that needs cleaning many people would give up before giving cleaning a shot. In reality, it was quite simple once you got started. You may feel the same way when you clean your windows or the shower. Because of their size, you may think it will take forever to clean the window panes or the shower walls. With a little bit of planning and dedication, you can do it very quickly and easily. It is also recommended to regularly wipe glass surfaces in your bathroom to maintain the level of cleanliness needed in terms of aesthetics and health.

How to Clean a Microwave Oven

The best way to clean these surfaces is with a squeegee. Instead of wiping the surface with a cloth, use a squeegee to apply the cleaning solution. This is an easy and quick process. It’s now commonplace for professionals to use these tools, and you can do the same.

Cleaning can be made more enjoyable by making it easier wherever possible. This guide should hopefully help. Using them will simplify and speed up your cleaning process. Cleaning might even turn into your new hobby.

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