Top 3 Cities for Aspiring Actresses in the US

Moving for work has become a major trend in America, with many people electing to move to greener pastures rather than waiting out the city they’re in to try and get the best local job possible.  

Aspiring Actresses in the US

This is no different from acting!  Whether you’re trying to get a role in a television show or you want to be seen on the silver screen, these are some of the best cities to move to: and why they’re great choices.

Is Moving for Acting Worth It?

Some may think that moving for manager positions or computer-based jobs is worth it, but few follow that same train of thought for acting!  Acting is still an awesome career path that can allow you to succeed and get your name in the lights in no time: so it’s no surprise that so many people are eager to follow this path.


Moving can be worth it, but it’s vital that you plan carefully.  Save up three to four months of living expenses in the city you’re moving to, try to line up a side gig to pay the bills, and make sure to get your name out there as soon as possible.  

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is often known as Hollywood South because of the incredible number of productions that are made here.  From movies to commercials and even television shows like The Walking Dead and Teen Wolf, there are countless gigs that will get you hired in no time.

New York City, New York

If you’d rather be on television than anything else, New York is it!  This is a great way to break into comedy through writing and eventually acting.  Not only is this an awesome place to live, but there are also endless opportunities for any actor here.

Chaunte Wayans

Los Angeles

No city is as famous for bringing up actresses quite as Los Angeles.  Performers like Chaunte Wayans have famously made their way to the West Coast in an effort to try and win their slice of fame.  Although this city is packed with performers and hopefuls, it’s still one of the busiest cities when it comes to industry work.  This is a great place to start if you’re willing to start smaller and build your way up.

How Can I Build a Reel Before I Move?

Building a reel you can link to in your portfolio is a must!  Not only does having a couple of IMDB credits give you the chance to show you’re already in the business, but it can also give you a boost of confidence that many actresses need to be able to stand their ground on what they’re worth.  

Hollywood Actress

To build a reel, look for paid gigs that are by either small studios or are for film festivals.  These generally will show up on IMDB even as they’re in production.  You can find student films that will be submitted to film festivals in almost any city, so try to apply for those.  Do your best job in every role you’re in, and make a reel out of the highlights. 

Acting Is a Fantastic Career Choice

If you’re skilled and know how to network, acting can be a fantastic job.  Consider picking up and moving if you have the funds and time for it: and go somewhere that will appreciate your talents.

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