Top 5 Reasons to Visit Walla Walla

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Walla Walla 3

Years ago, a Saphaptin tribe lived near the mouth of the Columbia River. Their tribal name, which is Walla Walla, translates to mean ‘many waters’ or ‘little river.’ The town of Walla Walla and the Walla Walla River is named for this tribe. A scenic Walla Walla River and historic downtown provide many reasons to visit.

  1. Exploring the Great Outdoors in Walla Walla

Walla Walla has an extensive park system that offers a variety of activities for all ages. There are numerous walking trails, playgrounds, options for various sporting interests, a swimming pool, and even a stage. Included in the park system is Mountain View Cemetery dating back to the 1800s. With over one thousand trees and nearly eighty acres, it is beautiful to walk and see the incredible assortment of headstones.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Walla Walla 1

    2. Wineries in Walla Walla

Building on its agricultural heritage, Walla Walla affords visitors almost one hundred and twenty different wineries. Wineries are located throughout the town and just outside the main area of town. In addition to tasting a beautiful array of wines, the locations and styles of wineries vary offering tasting rooms that appeal to all. More than 2,900 acres of varietal grapes are farmed locally for the wineries.

   3. The Arts and Walla Walla

With many artists’ studios, outdoor sculptures, theaters, and museums, Walla Walla features a vibrant art scene. Included in their offerings of art and culture is the Walla Walla Symphony. Renowned for being the longest continuously performing symphony west of the Mississippi River, the Walla Walla Symphony creates musical experiences for all to enjoy.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Walla Walla 2

   4. Walla Walla’s Downtown

Walla Walla has sought to preserve its buildings since the early 1800s. Much work has gone into renovating and restoring buildings in the downtown area. Recently Walla Walla’s Historic District was listed on the National Register. In the downtown area, visitors will find a mix of shops, culinary experiences, wineries, and breweries. In addition to viewing the one-of-a-kind buildings, shops vary from western wear to books to home décor.

   5. Festivals in Walla Walla

Continuing to enjoy the downtown area, be sure to stop by the Farmer’s Market. Here you can select from the bounties of the area. Different events are held throughout the year. There are cycling races, yoga experiences, and hot air balloon celebrations. Be sure to check for information on all that Walla Walla has to offer.

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