Basic Facts About Fares

If you want to take the train while you’re visiting Singapore or living in the Republic, you’ll be pleased to know that train fares for this island city-state are really reasonable, especially when they are compared to train fare prices in other countries’ big cities.

In fact, Singapore has some of the lowest train fares worldwide. Today, we’d like to share more information about just how affordable Singapore is in terms of its fares.

Basic Facts About Fares

If you want to travel ten kilometers by rail while in the Republic, you may expect to pay 1.33 in Singapore currency. This means that Singapore ranks sixth in terms of being inexpensive when compared with thirty-six other nations. Other cities featured in this comparison of train fares are located in Australia, Asia, North America, and Europe.

Some parts of China are cheaper, including Shenzen, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. In Taiwan, Taipei reigns as the cheapest place to ride the rails. All of the cities that we’ve just mentioned offer lower fares than Singapore does. The comparison is based on rides that have the same length, so it’s all based on distance.

Data Was Carefully Compared

All of this train fare comparison data comes from the PTC, which is the Public Transport Council. It used a couple of measurement points in order to derive results and these were the cheapest train fares, based on ten kilometers of travel per city. It’s possible to get a train fare for that distance for as little as fifty-three American cents when you travel within Singapore.

In contrast, pricey Melbourne charges its residents and tourists at least 1.40 in US currency for a ride of similar distance.

lowest train fares worldwide

Other Asian cities, including Seoul and Tokyo, are more expensive than Singapore.

Singapore Offers Many Benefits

This comparison reveals just one of the benefits of living in Singapore or visiting Singapore. Other benefits including a health care system that is inclusive for people from all income levels, a business community that supports its entrepreneurs and startups, and a very low crime rate. As well, economic growth in Singapore is currently slow but steady. The country is thriving despite a shaky global economy.

By making rail transit affordable for its residents and visitors, the country is also doing some good for the environment. When rail transit is affordable, people are less likely to boost their carbon footprints by using vehicles to get from Point A to Point B.

Now that you know more about how Singapore stacks up compared to other world centers, as well as just how cheap it is to take the train in the Republic, you may want to ride the rails more often. Since rail transit is typically quite relaxing, due to spacious seating, it’s a great way to travel. It’s also quite safe.

train fares

Singapore is known for its progressive government. It provides exceptional benefits to its citizens and the nation is definitely poised for more growth and more progressive initiatives in the not too distant future.

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