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Treatments with Stem Cell Therapy – What to Know

Stem Cell Therapy
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Stem cell treatment is a study that is still at the clinical trial level. This is a kind of treatment that is done with the help of stem cells that are extracted from the patient’s own body, and these host cells are used as the cure for many issues. Since the core of the treatment is the patients’ host stem cells, the chances of risks or side effects are very minimal.

Stemwell Stem Cell Therapy Clinic is a team of doctors that focus on offering the best living options to their patients. They utilize stem cell therapy for treating many issues such as joint injuries, aging problems, injuries in the joints, and other health conditions. The main focus here is to use cell-based treatment with cutting-edge factors.

Some Questions on The Treatment 

  • Specificity of the treatment for some condition or disease
  • The treatment is a form of a clinical trial and not an actual solution.
  • Availability of other options in the world of disease treatment apart from stem cell therapy
  • Whether or not the involvement in the clinical trial affects any kind of inclusion in the future clinical trials
  • The possibilities of the benefits that can be expected from stem cell therapy, and the validity of such benefits
  • The requirement of other kinds of special care or medications during the clinical trial

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Procedure Followed During the Treatment 

  • The actual source to extract the stem cells
  • Identification, isolation, and also the growth of the stem cells
  • Differentiation of the special set of stem cells from the other regular cells to be utilized for the therapy
  • Delivery of the stem cells to the right point in one’s body

The important factor to consider in the case of stem cell therapy is that the source can be either the patient’s body or the body of anyone closely related to the patient. The experts will first check all parameters before finalizing a person as the host for the extraction of stem cells if the patient’s body is not the right source for it.

Diseases Treated with Stem Cell Therapy 

Here are some health conditions that can be successfully treated with the help of stem cell therapy. 

  • Some orthopedic conditions can be treated with stem cell therapy. Such conditions include the repairing of knee and hip joints, and other such kinds of physiotherapies.
  • Parkinson’s disease is a condition that is caused because of damage to the nerve cells. Stem cell therapy can rejuvenate the damaged nerve cells and trigger the healthy growth of dopamine-producing brain cells.
  • Some heart diseases that are caused because of damaged small or big vessels can be successfully treated with the help of stem cell therapy.
  • The first-stage cancer condition can be cured with the help of stem cell therapy. Some patients, who are suffering from leukemia, or lymphoma can be treated in this case.

Ethical issues and also limitations as set by WHO still revolves around the idea of stem cell therapy. Even though some countries do not support the usage of this treatment, many countries have given their support for the clinical trials.

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