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A Few Different Types of Artificial Grass Meant for Your Yard

These days, people prefer artificial grass rather than real grass as these artificial grasses do not need as much maintenance and care as any real grass and yet offer a very fresh and real grass-like appearance.

If you are planning for Houston turf installation then there are several options available. We shall discuss a few different types of artificial grass options that you have.

Artificial Grass Meant

Before that let us discuss how you will select the perfect grass for your lawn in Houston:

1. Do research

Before you choose your artificial grass for your home in Houston do a little research on the market and what is available, read their reviews to decide which one will suit you.

2. Compare features

All artificial turf is not the same and everyone has a certain specialty. Therefore, you need to compare the features of each type and select the one, which will suit your home.

3. Prepare your land

Depending upon the location where you have decided to install the artificial grass you need to prepare the land accordingly.

Hire a reputable staff to assist you with the labor. Although it can cost more, remember that competence and effectiveness will help you achieve your goals.

4. Budget

Make sure that you have the necessary budget for the type of grass that you have chosen. Even though the price looks excessive right now, it will end up paying for itself. Additionally, having turf will raise the price of the house if you ever decide to sell it or move.

Grass Meant

The following are a few different types of grass that you can prefer for your Houston home.  Let us know what are the different materials used for this artificial grass:

  • Nylon
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene

This artificial grass can also be differentiated based on its pile height too. Based on your requirement, you can get artificial grass of the following few varieties in Houston:

  • Short grass
  • Medium grass
  • Long grass

Now depending upon which location of your home in Houston you would like to install this artificial grass, there are a few different types of artificial grass available:

  • Playgrounds
  • Pet yards
  • Sports complexes
  • Home lawn
  • Golfing
  • Balcony surface
  • Truck bed liner

artificial grass

These artificial grasses are also available in many different types of colors. Some of the most common varieties of colors available are as follows:

  • Green
  • Bright colors
  • Blue

These artificial grasses are also differentiated based on their features. Some of the common features available for these grasses are:

  • UV-Stabilized
  • Urethane backing
  • Non-absorbent fiber
  • Heat and frost-resistant
  • Non-flammable
  • Varied color blades
  • Perforation
  • Non-staining

You should look for the following few characteristics of your artificial grass to be installed in Houston:

  • Must be capable to withstand any heavy traffic
  • It must appear lush and full
  • It should be durable
  • Must have substantial weight
  • Should be resilient and springy
  • Also, should be weather-resistant
  • Must have a realistic color like real grass
  • It should not need extra maintenance or care

Go-Turf can provide you with almost all varieties of artificial grass to fulfill your needs.  You can also get plenty of info about their products on various social network sites like Facebook too.

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